VACANT: 9 - Soup kitchen for children
Organisatie: Soup kitchen Regio: Granada, Nicaragua
Type of volunteer work: Kids
Type of organization: Soup kitchen
Place: Granada, Nicaragua
Duration: Min. of 1 week
Who: Anyone who is willing to help prepare and hand-out food to kids
Level of Spanish: None, although basic is recommended
Working hours: Monday-Friday 8.30am - 1.30pm
Description of organization
This soup kitchen provides meals to approximately 180 kids a day. The kitchen forms part of a kindergarten in a real poor neighborhood of Granada. The kids who attend the school (about a 100 kids) receive a snack like milk with cereals around 10.00am. At 11.30am they all come together to get their lunch served.
When the first group is finished, there is a quick clean up and the second group is waiting at the schoolyard for their lunch, which is often their only meal. The second group consists of kids from the neighborhood who do not attend (this) school. It is evident from the student’s appearances and the surroundings that their financial situation at home is not good.
What can you do?
With just one cook, one cleaner and a nun, they are clearly with a lack of staff. Fortunately the teachers and sometimes other volunteers help out. But it’s hard work, such as shopping for the food, preparing and serving it, organizing the eating area and the clean-up and dishes afterwards, etc. Most of the kids are longing for some extra attention. Someone who comes and plays with them, or who tells them something nice.
You can take a Spanish course through On-Stage prior your volunteering.
Volunteer Susanne: “It’s really good that this soup kitchen exists! Many kids depend on it. The school kids clearly come from better homes, they look clean and have the luxury to be picky about their food. The second group of kids that come for lunch are often filthy and really hungry. They eat anything you serve them and often come and try to get a second portion or to grab some extra bread.”