VACANT: 5 - Tutoring at public primary schools
Organisatie: Public primary schools Regio: Granada, Nicaragua
Type of volunteer work:
Type of organization:
Public primary schools
Granada, Nicaragua
Min. of 4 weeks
Anyone who likes teaching children
Level of Spanish:
At least basic
Description of organization
Through the provision of educational opportunities and educational materials, this organization would like to increase the level of education in the long term, as well as the future prospects of the children, and they would like to enable the people of the villages to improve their living standards. The focus is on education for the children. The organization believes in providing opportunities for the future and not in short-term aid. This organization has grown from helping one community to an organization where volunteers help at various public primary schools.
Its success can be attributed to the volunteers. About 15-40 volunteers (from all parts of the world) are willing to spend their time for the purposes of this organization. In this way the organization has the ‘manpower’ to achieve real change in the lives of the children with whom the organization works. The children from the lower grades attend school in the morning and the children from the higher grades this is different per school. The public primary schools are all located in the poor suburbs of Granada.
What can you do?

Their focus is on education at a very basic level. The majority of our volunteers work with young children. Because of overcrowded schools, half of the primary school students attend school in the morning, and the other half attends in the afternoon. The early grades attend school in the morning, starting at 7 am and the higher grades in the afternoon, starting at 12.30 or 1pm. Ayuantes, ‘assistants’ in Spanish, are sponsored local students who attend university on the weekends and assist our volunteers during the week. There is an ayudante in each school, and also one working with each English team, one helping in the office, three working with the children with the computers etc. For all positions, we prefer that volunteers have at least an intermediate level of Spanish.




As a Kindergarten Assistant you work with pre-school aged children attending school in the barrios of Granada. Together the teacher, you encourage learning through games and crafts. This work is especially rewarding since the kids are extremely friendly and open-minded. This position is available from February to November.  You should have an intermediate or better level of Spanish to be able to play and chat with the kids. Kindergarten assistants work in the mornings, Monday to Friday from 7.30 am till noon.  Friday’s classes often end early.


As a Grade 1 Tutor you work with students in the classroom and help them with reading, writing, math, etc, and help them keep up with the work assigned by the teacher.  This position is available throughout the Nicaraguan school-year which starts in February and ends in November.  You will be working closely with the students, however, you will have an ayudante with you who will be there to assist you with any questions. You should have an intermediate or better level of Spanish in order to understand the problems the kids have and assist them. Grade 1 Tutor/Classroom assistants work in the mornings, Monday to Friday from 7.30 am till noon. Friday’s classes often end early.


As a Primary School English Teacher you teach English to primary school students in the schools where we help. We teach English in grades 4, 5 and 6.  You will work in a team and teach in two schools per week, alternating each day. You will also have an ayudante with you who will help you with the students and teaching.  English team volunteers work Monday through Thursday and have a planning meeting together on Friday mornings.  Depending on which schools you would be working from 12.30 – 4pm or 1 – 4.30 pm.  This position is available from February to November and requires an advanced or better level of English as well as a basic or better level of Spanish.


During December and January, La Esperanza runs a summer school program for the children living in the barrios (kindegarten and grade 1 level). During this time, volunteers and ayudantes take full responsibility of creating, planning, and teaching lessons. For the summer school, we are happy to accept volunteers for only three or four weeks, or longer if you wish. Depending on the grade you will work with, you should have a intermediate or better level of Spanish. We also run some special English courses during the vacation months of December and January.


The volunteers will live in Granada in one of the volunteer houses of the organization or housing arranged by On-Stage. Every day you will walk or cycle to the schools. The organization rents bikes for a cheap price, volunteers pay for their own transportation. Please be aware that the educational level and knowledge of the children is little. The organization works in schools with the permission of the local Ministry of Education and they are welcomed by the communities. You can take a Spanish course through On-Stage prior your voluntary work.
In the holiday periods (Dec, Jan, Jul, Aug) there is a "summer school". During this time various activities are organized by the volunteers, such as sports and games (e.g. football, baseball, track ad, schmincken).