VACANT: 4 - After school care for poor children
Organisatie: After school care Regio: Granada, Nicaragua
Type of volunteer work:
Type of organization:
After school care
Granada, Nicaragua
Min. of 1 week
Anyone who speaks English, who likes to teach kids and who knows how to deal (sometimes) with bad behaviour of the children.
Level of Spanish:
At least basic
Working hours:
Monday-Friday 8am - 11am and 1pm - 4pm
Description of organization
This kids shelter was founded by a wealthy Danish man whose aim is to improve the future of the poor children in Granada in a sustainable way. His kids shelter is well-known throughout Granada and surroundings. The shelter provides education, nutrition, sport, some healthcare and is trying to improve the self-esteem, manners and chances of the children.
Outside school hours (which are only half day) the children can come to the center. They get tutoring for their homework, dance-, computer, English lessons. This will hopefully contribute to a better future for them. And for now it keeps them off the streets. Many kids who attend the center are ‘high-risk’ children, they come from poor and often broken families. Some parents are in jail, others addicts or working abroad.
What can you do?
Depending on your Spanish skills you can choose to focus on teaching English classes or also help with the other classes. There are 6 groups in the morning and 6 groups in the afternoon. One group for each school level. 
Futermore you can:
-assist in the various classrooms
-help the childeren do their homework
-help out in the kitchen with the preparations of the meals (introduce new recipies)
-organize your own activity (sports,arts, music etc)
You can take a Spanish course through On-Stage in Nicaragua prior to your voluntary work.