VACANT: 29 - Dog Rehabilitation Center
Organisatie: Dog Rescue Regio: Province of Chiriqui, Panama

Dog rehabilitation center

Although you can't say Panama is a poor country, the well being of dogs is often very sad and there are many dogs that need help.

Fortunately the town of Boquete counts with a dog rehabilitation center. It was founded by a couple from Peru. They are real animal rescuers, vegetarians, and animal lovers, and have established a large property as a no-kill shelter for the dogs of the community. They:

* Rescue abandoned and abused dogs

* Educate the local families about responsible pet care

* Rehabilitate dogs to be ready for adoption into their “forever homes”

To help cover daily expenses, they offer affordable boarding services and doggie day care and training. They average around 35-45 dogs at one time at the facility.

MISSION: Rescue abandoned and abused dogs.


-          Building shelters from rain and sun

-          Constructing an agility training course

-          Strengthening fencing and the facility

-          Creating training and socializing areas

-          Community outreach and adoption events

-          Dog-human relationship and trust building

-          Leash training and yard cleanup

-          Walk dogs

-          Feed dogs

-          Clean cages


The volunteer will have the supervision of the responsible in charge of the shelter. This person will give to the volunteer the information to assist with the daily functions at the Dog Camp or complete major projects.


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