VACANT: 21 - Assisting teachers at local primary school
Organisatie: Local primary school Regio: Turrialba, Costa Rica

Description of organization

Escuela San Rafael is a primary school existing since 1968. There are a few public primary schools in Turrialba that the Costa Rican government has been wanted to close due to a policy in favor of creating larger schools. However, the people in the "barrios" (neighbourhoods) want the traditional (small) schools to stay open so that their children don't have to travel large distances to the school and can be in a school with a more individual approach. As these schools don't receive much government support they welcome volunteers with open arms.

What can you do?

You can work in the mornings, afternoons or both.

Depending on your Spanish skills, as a volunteer you can:

-        help the teachers with their classes in English and in Sport;

-        assist in the different activities that are planned;

-        help the kids with their homework;

-        play board games;

-        help with the workshops.

Some kids will need some extra attention, so you’ll assist them with the help they need. If there is something that you’re good at, you can teach the children this too.


You are not obligated to bring a gift to the project, but if you want to bring something, here are some ideas; sport attributes (soccer ball), (colour) pencils, paint or something else for the children. You can also bring something that you want to use in a class.

You can take a Spanish course through On-Stage in Costa Rica prior to your voluntary work.