VACANT: 20 - Music School Granada and Managua
Organisatie: Music school in Granada Regio: Granada, Nicaragua

Musical education is almost non- existant in Nicaragua. It doesn't form part of the primary or secundary education. Even if children would be interested to learn how to play an instrument almost all families are to poor to afford lessons or the instrument. To enrich the cultural life of children this music school was foundend. The cultural center in which the music school houses offers a possibility for creative development of children and youngsters. There are courses for writing, painting, reading, dancing and making music. 


The music school

The Music School has the objective to teach the basic techniques in the areas of conduction of the instrument, composition and direction. Moreover it has the aim to teach musical theory, which permits the students to manage the adequate musical language. Providing the basics, the students can learn the necessary discipline and abilities of learning for the adequate musical development. Lessons are given from Mon-Fri 14.00-17.00 some days are in Granada, some days are in Managua where the school registers an orchestra.

There are about 150 students in Granada and about students in Managua. Lessons take place only in the afternoon (14.00-17.00) as earlier the children are in school. The school provides all instruments to be used in teh school

To get some idea of their acitivities:

about 5 children in Granada play Cello, Managua also 5 students ( German teacher) about 20 children study violin about 20 children learn to play guitar about 15 children play instruments like trompet, tubo, trombone about 3 children play saxophone about 20 children learn to play the flute about 3 children learn to play clarinette there is a childrens chorus of about 50 kids a juvenile chore of about 20 youngsters clasical chamber music (5 kids) popular chamber music (6 kids)

 Volunteers will be living in Granada and when the volunteer wants to he/she can assist with the orchestra and can travel together with the teacher to Managua for this.



The School has a fixed group of  teachers employed on a regular basis. Guest tutors and renowned visiting musicians periodically work with the (advanced) students in classes.


The organization differs considerably from the usual music schools in Northern America or Europe. There they can assist to classes various times and afterwards practice at home. Here they assist to the classes as well, but also come to practice and play together with others. As most of the families can't afford a proper instrument for their children, the music school provides instruments.

In the year 2001 the Music School was awarded for its work by the UNESCO.