VACANT: 2 - State daycare Granada
Organisatie: State daycare Regio: Granada, Nicaragua
Type of volunteer work:
Type of organization:
State daycare
Granada, Nicaragua
Min. 1 week
Anyone who is fond of taking care of babies and young children
Level of Spanish:
None, although basic is recommended
Working hours:
Monday - Friday 7.30am - 11.30am. If you want to work more you can also come in the afternoon from 1pm - 5pm.
Description of organization
Children who have problematic situations at home or have no one to take care of them when their (single) parent is working at daytime, are placed in this day care provided by the State. With few resources the director and employees try to provide the best possible care for the children. 
At the day-care are children between the ages of 2 months and 6 years old. Their parent(s) work during the day or the children have to leave their homes by court order because of a bad home situation. The children come from all around Granada and in total the daycare has about 120 children, daily there will be around 50 to 80 children present. The children receive a meal and even though the meal is not very good, it´s better than nothing. At  home the children often do not get food at all, or in some cases they get very small amounts of food. Other than that there is a huge shortage of educational toys, pens, drawing goods, teddy-bears, etc. 
What can you do?
The employees are very happy with all the help they can get, especially with the smallest  kids (normally about 30 toddlers) and the babies (normally about 10 babies). Putting the kids to bed, changing diapers, giving food and just giving hugs and a bit of love in the form of personal attention to the babies and infants is extremely welcome. With the older kids you can play some games, assist the teacher/caretaker, give individual attention, etc.
Volunteer Annika: I needed a few days to find my way at the day-care. Now I am enjoying it immensely. I feel like I found my spot and I know what they expect from me. The employees are a bit more used to me as well and they don´t give me a look anymore when I pick up a baby and cuddle it just to give it some attention. Nanny Berta even takes my example of cuddling the babies, which I find very cute. The director still doesn´t understand my motives for wanting to help at the baby unit, her answer to my question of why she found it strange was: Who likes baby´s? Nobody right?.... I find that Berta is very sweet with the kids. Some of the kids don´t receive food in the morning from the day-care, and in that case she personally brings some bread and milk for those kids, paid with her own salary. Now that I found my place, Berta lets me handle everything in the unit so that she can help in the kitchen, I like that sign of trust.
There is one child who I absolutely adore. His name is Jerral and he only has a dad. I recently became his mom, everything he wants: drink, eat, his car, he comes to me and screams very loud: moooooom!! He often asks for hugs and stands pressed against my leg and talks to 
himself, if I go home he cries his lungs out. I am the only one who can give him his food.. I kind of like it because it feels so special, he became my little friend.