VACANT: 18 - Organizing activities at elderly home for the poor
Organisatie: Elderly home for the poor Regio: Granada, Nicaragua
Type of volunteer work:
Social & Health
Type of organization:
Elderly home for the poor
Granada, Nicaragua
Min. of 2 weeks
Anyone who likes to take care of elderly people and who loves organizing activities
Level of Spanish:
At least basic
Working hours:
Monday-Friday 8am - 11am and 1pm - 4pm
Description of organization
This elderly home is run by nuns and professional workers and has 28 staff members. The people who enter the elderly home are extremely poor, have chronic diseases, are abandoned persons or have addiction problems. Often they are referred to the elderly home by the Ministry of Family or the social workers of the hospital. The elderly home accepts all kind of people, no matter background, religion, mentally-illness, physically invalid, etc. They have capacity for 60 persons (30 women and 30 men) and they accept only persons aged 65+.
At this moment about 50 elderly people are living at the elderly home. Approximately 90% lives here for free, and approximately 10% contributes with some money from their little pension or their family members support them financially. The elderly home is totally dependent on donations of organizations, because they do not receive support from the government. They have a very small budget and therefore welcome extra hands and help from interns and volunteers.
What can you do?
You will help with the daily care of the elderly people and elderly home. You can help in the kitchen, the garden, do grocery shopping, assist the nurses, etc. But most of all the elderly people are in need of some distraction and entertainment. The elderly home welcomes people who can organize various activities, such as: craft classes, bingo, quiz and other games, beauty pageant, paint fingernails, exercises, listen to or making music, visit to local museum, etc. Due to their limitations not all elderly people are able to participate in all kind of activities, therefore you must take into account to what they are able to and try to organize several activities to include as much elderly people as possible. There is also not much budget available, so you often need to be creative to organize cheap and simple activities.
The elderly people are free to go outside the elderly home to make a walk, visit the supermarket or stay for some days at their family. And daily there are several hours that family can visit the elderly home. You can take a walk with the elderly people, have conversations, help with the activities in which they participate and give them some extra attention.
The head nun will be your supervisor. Working hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. It is also possible to work more or less.
If you are working a full day you will receive lunch and you can eat with the personnel, but you are also allowed to go home for lunch or bring your lunch with you. No one in this elderly home speaks English, it is required that you speak basic Spanish when starting volunteering. If you do not speak Spanish yet you can get the required Spanish level while studying hard during a 2-4 week Spanish course in Granada.