VACANT: 17 - Social Library Granada
Organisatie: Library Regio: Granada, Nicaragua
Type of volunteer work:
Social & Education, Kids
Type of organization:
Granada, Nicaragua
Min. of 1 week at the library, min. of 3 weeks at the schools
Anyone who likes books, reading to children and assist the library with all their activities and programs.
Level of Spanish:
At least basic
Working hours:
Library: Tuesday-Saturday mornings 9am-12pm, Thursday & Saturday afternoons 2pm-5pm and Friday afternoons 4pm-7pm.
Schoo assitence: 07.00-12.00/ 13.00-17.00 The different programs have their own schedule and hours of operation.
Description of organization
Many children in Nicaragua have never experienced the delight of having a story read to them by their parents or other adults. Reading for pleasure in Nicaragua is almost non-existent. Schools lack story books and even reading for learning is severely limited since most schools rarely have textbooks for their students. Books are often expensive, a high illiteracy rate prevents many parents from reading to their children and many children do not or cannot attend school.
This library is the first lending library in Granada open to the public, with a main focus on promoting reading and a love of reading among children, so that they can become lifelong learners, succeed academically and economically, and ultimately be instrumental in raising standards of education and literacy in Nicaragua. They attempt to investigate and develop any and all activities that will bring the discovery of reading to the people of Nicaragua.
The main library in Granada has over 3,500 books arranged by age and topic and lends to children and adults. Tables and chairs are arranged to allow reading in the library or to do homework. The library also serves as a community center for activities and instruction classes. Besides the library they also have different programs, such as: reading programs at different locations in Granada, delivery of books to 21 elementary schools, small libraries on wheels to rural schools that have no libraries, conduct training for teachers and other people working in libraries, schools and community centers, setting up more libraries, and much more. July 2015 they have opened a library in an poor Granada neighborhood where you can also assist. Most kids are between age 3-12.
What can you do?
You can participate and help with all the activities and programs of the library. There are many areas in which you can assist from administration to reading stories to children. Many children come to the library to have a place to do their homework, your assistence is often very appreciated. If you have specific interests or skills let the library know so they can try to match that to their needs. If you want to work only at the library and/or the reading programs at different locations in Granada the minimum time required is one week.
You can also help at one of the public primary schools. Each Wednesday you can make a tour along different public primary schools together with someone of the library to lend books and promote reading among the teachers and children. Working at the schools means that you will assist the local teacher with his/her teaching plan of that day. Besides this and in cooperation with the local teacher you can also organize the following activities: reading books, helping with homework, teaching English, give extra attention to children who need this, organize craft classes, etc. Each class consists of approx. 40 children, so assistance in class is very welcome. If you are interested in working at the schools or both the schools and the library and reading programs the minimum time required is three weeks.
The library also welcomes research and promotional activities, such as writing a story about them for your local newspaper or school, fundraising and organizing events. If it is possible and you are interested you can also give English classes at the library.
The opening hours of the main library: Tuesday-Saturday mornings 9am-12pm, Thursday & Saturday afternoons 2pm-5pm and Friday afternoons 4pm-7pm. The different reading programs have their own schedule and hours of operation. The primary schools are normally open from 8am-12pm and 1pm-5pm.
The library welcomes everyone since the language of children is often laughter, however it is recommended to speak at least basic Spanish so you can communicate and read simple books to children. Often there are also some other international volunteers.
You can take a Spanish course of 2-4 weeks through On-Stage prior your volunteering. If you have Spanish books for children bring them with you for the library.