VACANT: 15 - Helping disabled people to make piñatas
Organisatie: Creative Atelier Regio: Granada, Nicaragua
Type of volunteer work:
Type of organization:
Creative Atelier
Granada, Nicaragua
Min. half day
Anyone who is enthusiasitic and who would like to help disabled people in the creative process of making piñatas
Level of Spanish:
None, although basic is recommended
Working hours:
Monday-Friday 8.30am - 5.30pm. Volunteers are free to decide when they are present at the atelier
Description of organization
This small organization produces piñatas made by disabled people. Piñatas are containers made often of papier-mâché, filled with toys, candy and confetti and then broken as part of a ceremony or celebration. Blindfolded people strike the piñata with a stick until it breaks and the content falls out. Piñatas form part of the Latin American culture and are very popular in Nicaragua.
In Nicaragua disabled people are often seen as inferior and useless. Besides that, they are also seen as a burden, because they need extra care and they cost a lot of money. They even sometimes are imprisoned at home by their family, because of shame. In this way disabled people do not have the chance to use their qualities and develop themselves. This organization wants to give disabled people a fair chance to do decent work and by selling the piñatas they can also earn an income.
What can you do?
The process of making the piñatas is easy, but goes slow, because disabled people need their time to make the piñatas. To speed up the process they need assistance and you can help in different ways:
·         making the paperboard constructions of the piñatas
·         the finishing touch and decoration of the piñatas
·         assisting the disabled people in the creative process of making the piñatas where necessary
·         making your own piñatas and/or design new piñatas characters/figures
·         help with the daily activities, such as: cleaning, purchasing materials, attending customers when they want to buy piñatas, etc.
Sometimes the atelier also produces other types of creative arts made by the disabled people. You can assist with this or help improving the atelier. If you come volunteering for a longer period and if you are interested and have the skills, you can in cooperation with the management teach simple classes like how to write their name or signature, numbers, etc.
Volunteers are free to decide how long they would like to volunteer. The organization always welcomes all types of donations. The majority of the time the communication with the disabled people will be body language, therefore it is not necessary to speak Spanish. However, during your stay in Nicaragua it is recommended to speak at least basic Spanish. You can take a Spanish course through On-Stage prior volunteering. The disabled people welcome every volunteer and it makes them very proud if you want to help and be part of them making arts.