VACANT:262 - Business related
Organisatie: Paint distribution center Regio: Ticuantepe, Nicaragua
Internship company
This business group consists of more then 5 paint manufacturers, among which the Latin American Paint Corporation. LAPC was founded in 1955 and now is the biggest paint and painting company of Central America. They manufature, distribute, commercialize paints and coatings for different parts of the market. From decorative painting to maintenance,  industrial painting, automobiles, etc. This is done through independent, specialized commercialisors that operate in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. They include their own salesforces, distribution channals and storage.
In Nicaragua the paint arrives in Ticuantepe and from that point the Nicaraguan affiliate is responsible for the sales and distribution. They use various brandnames. For the retail market they count with two separate brands that count with one sales teams per brand with  each 20 salesmen divided over 3 subteams.
The team managers of each brand speak English. During your internship you can first learn how each step of the sales process is now and then analyse it to see how this can be more efficient timewise and financially but also an advice can be written on how to be a better employer and/or customer (retailers) satisfaction can be researched, analysed and adviced upon.
This all probably sounds more fancy that is. The retailers are in general small and medium sized hardware stores,  work conditions are quiet hard for the salesmen (transportation by motorcycle, bussy traffic, heat)  modernization is lacking in this company. At the other hand they are working on this and for example recently made a modern, beautiful website with modern services.
But there is still a lot to be improved!
Internship supervisor
One of the team managers would be your internship supervisor. They speak English and have a degree at bachelor level.


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Grupo Solid es la unión de más de cinco empresas manufactureras, entre las cuales se sitúa LAPCO (Latin American Paint Corporation).
Fundada en 1955 LAPCO es hoy la compañía productora de pinturas y aplicadores más grande de Centroamérica. Lapco manufactura, distribuye y comercializa pinturas y recubrimientos para los distintos usos del mercado, desde la decoración hasta el mantenimiento y el repintado industrial y automotriz, a través de varios canales especializados e independientes de comercialización, con operaciones propias en Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras (San Pedro Sula y Tegucigalpa), Nicaragua, Costa Rica y Panamá, que incluyen fuerzas de ventas, red de distribución y bodegas propias.