VACANT:95 - Nutrition & Dietetics
Organisatie: Public Hospital Regio: Masaya, Nicaragua
Internship organization
In Nicaragua the healthcare is differently organized than in The Netherlands. Since 2007 the health care is free. There are health centers which people can visit for various issues during office hours. In a health center can be found among others: dentists, physiotherapists, nurses, doctors, educational and vaccination activities and clinics. In some healthcenters there is also a nutritionist present. The nutritionist has a wide range of activities. Examples of some patient groups: underweight children, pregnant women, pregnant teenagers, people with obesity, diabetes, and other chronic diseases.
You can have your internship at the nutrition & dietetics department of the hospital in Masaya. The work activities are similar to those of the health center in Granada (see vacancy #78). Because the health center in Masaya does not have a nutritionist, they refer patients to the nutritionists in the hospital.

The nutrition and dietetics department of the hospital is much bigger than that of a health center. There work five nutrition experts, including three with a Bachelor Degree. Apart from the work they do at the health center (e.g. providing information to pregnant women, AIDS patients, underweight children, people with obesity, etc.) they also provide nutritional advice for the patients in the hospital (if necessary) and they visit all the beds. The hospital is very poor and there is a shortage of almost everything, which means that dietary needs/requirements of the patients often cannot be met. This poverty is not only extremely sad, but also very frustrating. The whole department welcomes trainees to teach, cooperate and to exchange knowledge.

Goal of the hospital: providing free healthcare to the Nicaraguan population in order to improve their quality of life.
Activities for trainees
Internship possibilities:
You will be involved in all the activities and you are free to decide (in advance or on site) on which target group or activities you will focus. For all professional roles there are good opportunities as well as for all related activities mentioned in your internship manual. The first two weeks you will mainly watch and will be introduced by various nutritionists to get to know the activities. After the introduction weeks, you will choose a patient group on which you will focus. What are the causes of their problems? What can be improved, taking into account the available resources? You can design educational materials to inform your patient group. You can also focus on writing protocols. At the hospital there is only one protocol available for AIDS patients. They really would like you to bring Dutch/foreign protocols with you for different diseases, such as: diabetes, children’s diseases and chronic diseases. During your internship you can adapt some of these protocols to Nicaraguan capabilities as well as translate and implement the protocols.

Regularly there are current issues which you can work on. For example: in 2012 they did a study on cost efficiency of administering optimal meals prepared by the kitchen of the hospital to different patient groups. What are the costs of administering these meals customized? Does this result in previously discharging patients from the hospital? You will also work on such issues.
Working hours: 08.00-16.00 Mon-Fri, can be adjusted if needed.
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Working hours: 08.00-16.00 Mon-Fri, can be adjusted if needed.