VACANT:9 - Sociale studies / PABO
Organisatie: Stichting voor Onderwijsondersteuning Regio: Granada, Nicaragua
Internship organization

This organization aims to provide possibilities and resources to improve education and general development of communities of four poor villages in the surroundings of Granada, Nicaragua. In this way the organization would like to improve the current living conditions and future of the children. This organization is an unconventional, independent non-profit organization which is financed through donations.

Activities for trainees

Working at the schools and assisting the teachers through working in small groups or individually with the children who needs extra attention. In addition, you will also teach music classes and art/craft classes. The internship is primarily focused on the schools, but there are also trainees needed who want to teach English to adults, who want to help with health projects, who want to help people with setting up a business, etc. If you think you do not have the knowledge to participate and contribute to this, we can find you something else so you will be able to do your internship at this organization.

The trainees work normally from Monday to Friday, four or five hours per day at the schools. Some schools are open in the morning and others in the afternoon. Apart from the time you will spend at the schools, you can also spend a few hours per week helping with other projects, such as: adult education, group of women making jewellery, administration, gardening project, etc. depending on your interests.


You can stay in Granada at a student house or at a host family. Special requests: independent and persevering.
Please contact after subscribing at our website.
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