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Organisatie: Gezondheidscentrum Regio: Catarina, Nicaragua
Internship organization

If there is something wrong with your health in Nicaragua, you visit a health centre. Here are professionals, such as: doctors, nurses and dentists as well as a laboratory and pharmacy. Consultations and many medicines are free. If you need help from a specialist you will be referred to the public hospital where help will also be given for free.

This sounds pretty well organized, but unfortunately it is not. Often there is a lack of medicines, money to pay personnel and medical devices, such as: sterilization equipment, scales or examination tables, etc. Also the level of education of the professionals is often lower than in Western countries, which means that patients cannot receive optimal help.Internship organization

Activities for interns

The head nurse of the health centre will be your internship supervisor. She is a qualified nurse with an educational level compared to a Bachelor Degree. Throughout the health centre you will have the opportunity to watch and work. You will be given a very broad workload.

An important part of the work of the health centre consists of education and prevention. Each morning in the waiting room an informative "talk" is held about an actual topic. In this way the people who are waiting can learn something useful. They also have a wall where all kind of information about actual topics can be found. You can design new educational materials and improve existing educational materials.

Furthermore, there are vaccination operations (when the medical brigade visits the countryside), smaller health centres for the rural population (these are open only a few days a week), home visits, check on hygiene in public areas and catering facilities, and of course the regular patients who visit the centre. The objective is providing free medical care to the population.

In different areas you have the opportunity to work or set up your own project. An important theme is for instance the health of mothers. You can also focus on people with a chronicle disease or diabetic patients. It depends on your preferences and requirements of your educational institution. Working hours in general are from 07.00AM- 04.00PM from Mon-Fri. It is also possible to have your internship here just 3-4 days a week.


It is possible to live in Masaya or Catarina. The journey from Masaya to the health centre takes about 25 minutes. There are various types of accommodations where you can stay in Masaya. In Catarina you live with a host family, the health centre is within walking distance and you receive three meals a day.

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