VACANT:83 - Sociale studies
Organisatie: Speciaal onderwijs Regio: Granada, Nicaragua
Internship organization
Daycare for handicapped people

This recently opened day-care centre for handicapped people in Granada is taking its work seriously. Under the supervision and care of the Spanish director, who has her degree in special education (Spanish and English speaking), a dedicated team is working hard for Granada's special needs children and adults to give them the attention they need and deserve.

Out of the statistical 400 handicapped people Granada should count, only 40 of them attends the special care of this center. So approximately 360 handicapped persons are not reached yet, and probably a lot of them are hidden away in a shed so they won't embarrass their families.

To reach more handicapped people they provide free lunches and have strict communication with the healthcare department to find/locate the handicapped citizens. They use best-practice methods and activities from Europe adjusted to the Nicaraguan culture and climate.


Handicapped people need and deserve special attention and care.
The center accept people with all kinds of handicaps: severe, mild, multiple, old, young, mentally, physical, etc.
The aim is to strive to have attendants of handicapped people in order to develop themselves as much as possible.
The center wants to reach more handicapped people and get them into the special day-care.
The center want to sensibilise the Granadino population to accept and respect people with a handicap much more.
Activities for trainees

Possible internship assignments:

As you can read still a lot needs to be done. Therefore you are almost free to write your own assignment which will be evaluated by the centre. Are you able and willing to develop new activity-programs which help the attendants to be more independent? Can you observe attendants and make them a personal development plan? Do you know how to help to support the families to accept their handicapped family-member in a better way? Do you know to help handicapped people express their emotions/feelings? If you can do any of this or can propose an assignment yourself, you are very welcome to have your internship here!


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