VACANT:274 - Nutritionist´s assistant
Organisatie: Nutrition Regio: Turrialba, Costa Rica

Dr Raquel's Nutrition clinic is located in the heart of Turrialba, a typical (non touristy) Costarrican town. The patients of this clinic are pregnant women, sports people, people with health problems like obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and eating disorders.

Dr Raquel is also working at local institutions like schools, to help plan menus and keep track of growth and weight of children. As an intern here you can observe in consults and help making menus for patients, weigh and track people's developments, social media, promotion activities as well as talks for the public. You are also invited for the visits at schools, weigh and track children's developments as well as plan the menu for these larger institutions.

The clinic is combined with a restaurant that attracts lot of local public and serves general international  food and has a special menu with healthy food. In the back of the clinic/restaurant there is a vegetable garden where you can also help out.

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