VACANT:260 - Health, social work
Organisatie: NGO for childrens wellness Regio: Near Granada, Nicaragua


“Enriching the lives of children and families lives through health and education initiatives.” Est. July 2004

The organization

This foundation is a private operating foundation located in Miami, Florida. They are self-funded and do not generally seek cash donations. They have a voluntary staff in Miami and their primary operations are conducted out of their office near Granada, Nicaragua. Here they count with appr. 15 fulltime employees. Among which:

1 social worker
2 nurses
1 docter, 1 assistent
1 manager
1 cleaning, 1 maintenance, 1 administration
about 5 teachers, 1 psychologist 0.5 FTE

To promote, encourage and improve the quality of life for children and families in need in the United States and the Americas through improved healthcare, education, and enrichment activities. As an operating foundation, their employees, volunteers and vendors will implement their activities; while they make grants to other charitable organizations, that is not their focus. They actively seek governmental and non-governmental organizations with which they can partner where there is mutual benefit.


The communities living near the garbage belt of Granada and Nindiri. Most of the families live in very poor conditions. Several families work on the garbage belts. There is minimal education and very limited health or medical services provided by the government. In 2018 they attent about 38 families who depend on the garbage belts. The social worker stays in touch with all these families and checks how the children are doing in school and checks if the childrens attent at all by speaking to their teachers. As the children would normally have to work on the garbage belts, they wouldn't go to school.  So the families get foodpackages if they sent their children to school to compensate their loss of income. The social worker also teaches mothers and children about basic thinsg in life as for example personal hygiene, the benefits of a clean house, the basics of nutrition and alternatives for physical punishments. 


This grassroot organization analyses and assesses community needs, then implements programs to improve the quality of life both in the present and for the future. Primary goals include the providing of basic medical care and improving health and hygiene, providing education for primary school-age children and adults; providing secondary and tertiary education opportunities for older children; and economic assistance for infrastructure development, including the building of houses and a schooL. In all of our efforts we try to achieve sustainable outcomes by working hand-in-hand with the communities and by focusing our efforts on those problems of maximal concern to the community. This foundation works in partnership with other NGO’s and governmental organizations to bring these services to the community in the most efficient means possible. 


* Provide programs to recruit and retain qualified teachers (in collaboration with the Ministry of Education).

    This includes improving living conditions for teachers as well as compensation.

* Establish a curriculum and provide basic school supplies and books.

* Supply recreation equipment, educational toys and games.

* They provide nutritious daily meals at the schools

* Tutoring at the foundations schoolbuilding and at other school. The participating children receive a place, tools and emotional support to have a succesful schoolcareer. Also their familiy members get involved in this. 

* At location the children have space, facilities and guidance to make their homework

* at location the children get English lessons and computer lessons, which can not be provided in the public schools. All interns are expected to spent a minor part of their time in speaking in English with the children so they can practise their ENglish conversation skills.

This NGO is givng its best effort to improve the childrens changes on succes in life and to help out with the most basic needs of their families. Therefor all kind of projects that aim for the same goal are welcomed. For example lifestyle training and creating awareness about how your own behaviour can influence your happiness, succes and health. Espeically for the children age 12-17


·              Provide for physician visits and training of community health workers.

·              Establish and support an island-run clinic that is stocked with basic medical supplies.

·              Promote personal hygiene practices to the community.

·              Analyze water quality and repair or dig wells where necessary to ensure clean, safe drinking water for all.

·              Improve children’s daily nutrition.

.               They have 3 healthcare posts at which a general practitionor and a nurse work. Here they a.o.: give vaccinations, growth measurements, inject medicine, suture, woundcare. Also they work on prevention for cronic diseases, parasites, de-lice, dental health, family planning and pregnancy control

Their a several internship possibilities in different areas:


You would be guided by the doctor in charge of the medical program and you would be in touch with the English teacher and cook.

Proposed activities:

Work in the several departments of the program such as:

  • the community centre: give a course to the CWF employees about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and what CWF can do to improve this for their target group.
  • the kitchen: improve the menu in order to make it more balanced taking local products and habits into account
  • social work: visit several families with the social worker in order to get to know the living conditions and eating habits
  • medical area: prevention
  • school:   teach older children (10-17) how to have a healthier lifestyle within their possibilities by giving lessons, creating projects that might be given in combination with the English lessons. What is your lifestyle? How can you improve this and make a plan for daily, weekly, monthly improvements? Why would you do this? What is healthy, what is not? What are the consequences of eating unhealthy?
  • Goals: improve knowledge on better lifestyle in order to prevent health problems and in order to improve changes for a better quality of life.


  • assist teachers in making teaching plans and assisting in class
  • set up and give your own set of lessons based on a specific theme
  • observe teaching methods and set up a course for the teachers to learn them new ways of teaching
  • help with homework guidance

Social Work:

Another project is a social project for the families that work on the garbage belts. Many children of these families used to work and not go to school. Their parents now get compensated with food packages in exchange for their children’s assistance and good results at school. All family members get social support that helps them to get more self-esteem, also they get educational opportunities to learn a profession.


A couple of times per year between January- June this NGO receives groups of American teenagers who, under strict supervision, come to build houses for families of the community.


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