VACANT:259 - Applied Psychology, Social Works
Organisatie: Rehabilitation for young adicts Regio: Granada, Nicaragua

Unfortunately also in Granada, Nicaragua are impoverished boys that come from disfunctional families or are orphans. They often end up homeless and addicted to for example glue.

Thanks to the charity of the Catholic church there are some programs that attend those boys. Since 2010 there is a small scale organisation that consists of 2 proyects:

A. Prevention center. About 13 boys live here semi-permanent ( Monday-Friday). Another 5 boys attend the daily special guidance program and 2 young adults who attended the program now live here and are building uo their own life and are contribuiting to the project.

All boys come from very disadvantaged families and have been in trouble with police or other institutions before. Some are abandoned, some are addicted, some are both. In order to prevent them to become homeless addicts the center offers tham shelter, food and educational reinforcement, sports and sometimes a fieldtrip. The boys go a regular school and at the center they help with homework, get psychological attention and educational activities based on their needs.

B. The house of Dawn (since 1995). This is a rehabilitation center where 8 boys can live for one year to get rehabiliated. Their ages can vary from 8-18 years old. They all have addictional problems but the substance(s) they are addicted to can vary from glue to crack.  

The rehab treatment they get is without any medication and with a lot individual and group therapy and guidance for school and lessons on how to improve their quality of life and how to deal with their problems in a more constructive way.

As an intern you can:

·         help with the day to day activities that include helping with homework, general guidance on how to behave and take care of yourself

·         assist the psycholgist and/ or the social worker with the work at the centers and the homevisits

·         prepare and give some of the special lessons/ courses about topics of life like: how to make up after a fight with a friend, concequences of certain behaviour, sexuality, values, healthy lifestyle, difficulties with rehabilitation

·         you should always be aware that you are an example to the boys.

Internship Guidance:

There is a lot of exchange between the 2 projects, most employees work at both proyects. There is a full time psychologist, a fulltime certified social worker. One of them can be your daily supervisor. There is also a monk, brother Jimmy, who is a psychologist and who speaks English fluently. He travels a lot but is also involved in the project and can supervise you sometimes in person, sometimes by skype. 

You can work 4 of 5 days a week between Monday and Friday. A regular working day is from 8.00-17.00h. The dresscode is casual, but as you are an example to the boys you should always be dressd decent ( no torn shirts, dirty cloths, etc)


You do not have to be catholic to have your internship here. Accept for brother Jimmy, nobody speaks English. So with the children and on the workfloor it is all Spanish spoken. It is easier for you if you already speak sme Spanish, but if not then you are still welcome. You should then take a minimum of a 3 week intensive Spanish course.

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