VACANT:258 - Communication/ Commercial Economy/ Tourism
Organisatie: TEFL certified school Regio: Granada, Nicaragua
This English language school in Nicaragua is part of a Worldwide Group of Accredited Course Providers, and they are proud to deliver the accredited Certificate in TESOL with Teaching Practice accredited by ALAP (Awarding Language Acquisition for Professionals).  One can rest assured this language school is committed to providing TEFL training of the highest standard while preparing its students to prepare for a teaching career in Latin America and around the globe.
This TEFL school is centrally located, the school is within walking distance of central park, bars, restaurants and coffee shops. It’s also conveniently located close to the sandy beaches of the Pacific, the cool volcanic waters of the Laguna de Apoyo and of course the hundreds of islands on Lake Nicaragua.

The Worldwide group was founded in the UK in 1993 in the belief that anyone possessing the passion to teach, the skills to express themselves clearly, and the desire to make a difference in the lives of others should be given the opportunity and encouragement to gain a professional certification in TESOL.

Today, the group has accumulated over 22 years of quality course provision, and a proven track record as a renowned and respected accredited TESOL course provider.

The Worldwide group is proudly defining excellence in TESOL training through it’s Group of Accredited Course Providers, of which the Nicaragua affiliate is a valued member.

The school values social responsible entrepreneurship has a  'give back program' in they teach English to Nica students (goes really well) for a very low rate monthly rate.  This program is highly succesful. Also they offer scholarships to locals. 

At this location 5 FTE are employed, among which 2 contracted teachers and director and a cleaning lady. 

Most of their TEFL  students come for 4 weeks and come from the USA or Canada. They are native speakers or advanced English speakers that come to obtain a TEFL degree. Often they are older students that took (early) retirement that want to travel or move abraod and want to supplement their pension. Another big part of their students are young people, aged 20-30 that want to change directions in their lifes and want to obtain a TEFL certificate to help them realize their dreams.


Your internship

The school is looking for an intern who can help them with especially the online marketing to address both TEFL targetgroups and help out with some of the day to day management. 

As marketing tools they have:

- a facebook page that should be used better 
- the intern should research which platforms the school should be listed on such as go abroad, gapyear, go overseas and advice the school about this 
- the intern can also update and meassure resukts from directories they are already on.  
- advice on optimal online add campaigns
- update the website which is made in wordpress
- have a blog/ take care of a blog
- use TEFL graduates topost about, see how they are to share their positive experiences in order to attract more TEFL students


The English owner of the school is a experienced entrepreneur with a university degree in Civil Engineering. He spents most of his time at the school and can have weekly supervision meetings and short daily meetings with you. he will also be the one taking care of your orientation in the school.



Interns can get a nice free room at the school, this takes out much of your programm costs!


Please contact after subscribing at our website. Just to be clear:

On-Stage Latin America provides many internships for all kinds of study programs. Besides the available vacancies on the website, we also offer a wide range of other internships. If you have a specific request, send us an e-mail and we will do our best to help you,

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