VACANT:255 - Entrepreneurship/ Management
Organisatie: Organic Farm Regio: Turrialba - Costa Rica, Nicaragua

Born out of the desire to leave the ratrace and live a life back to basicb. An American young family left the USA in 2002 to start a small, family-run organic farm, located near to Turrialba - Cartago - Costa Rica. The family now exists of a father, mother and their five children of which most are born in Costa Rica. All family members  work at the farm of 3 hectares. All production is both organic and sustainable. 

At the farm the family, and sometimes foreign volunteers, dedicate themselves to weeding, planting, making compost, cut grass, prepare transplants, prepare earth for planting, harvest, help prepare products to go to the market, help sell at the market. They produce 6 different types of lettuce, kale, cilantro, bell peppers, onions, bananas, plantains, yucca and other root types. There are also animals like chickens for eggs and 3 cows for milk production (cheese and yoghurt) and meat consumption for the family. They make cheese and in their stone-oven bake bread. Once a week they sell all the production they don't need themselves. The family is autosufficient by consuming their own production and with the income generated form the sales of their products. 

The owners have 13 years experience in organic & sustainable production in tropical agriculture in Costa Rica and speak perfect English and Spanish. The farm has been certified by a local organisation that specializes in Organic Production. 

They have achieved a lot but would like to improve the business part of their farm by optimalising the production of the farm and get more insights of the revenue on their efforts. An intern with a connection with agriculture and business would be ideal for this.

Possible internship activities:

  • map out the activities of the farm in order to get work optimalisation. It happens too often that a lack of one thing hols back another. For example when there are seeds, but no compost. A clear workplan to optimalize the production process is desired
  • The pricing of their product is quiet random. A sales plan with a costprice calculation and comparisons to competors with a advises will be appreciated

Local Supervision

The farmer's will guide you where possible. They are fascinated with organic food and experienced entrepreneurs as a natural outcome of their life, but they don;t have a university degree. 

You can live nearby the farm in a guesthouse with other international students. At the guesthouse and the farm internet is available.


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