VACANT:251 - IBL, Event Management, Leisure Management
Organisatie: Place of entertainment Regio: Granada, Nicaragua


This young business is a place of entertainment ran by experienced entrepreneurs of international background. The 3 owners all have previous experience as an entrepreneur in Granada, Nicaragua. There is a Dutch, a Canadian and an American owner and the company has about 10 FTE.

During weekdays it is a tranquil little hotel with 5 double rooms and 1 dorm with 8 beds and a nice big office. The place contains a attractive swimmingpool and a big rooftop. During holidays and each Friday and Saturday night, the owners show off in what they are good at: throwing parties.

That sounds like fun, and it is. But the owners are taking this pleasant business serious and take this up as entrepreneurs should do. They have a clear plan, good funding, are creative and are getting better organised by the month. 

Internship possibilities

As an intern they wish to contribute to the further professional development of the business. Some examples of the possible personal assignments:

- write playbooks for the different events

- draw up an inventory controlsystem

- make job descriptions for the contracted staff and set up a plan to check evaluate their perfomances.

- write volunteer manuals for the short-term volunteers

- develop a social media plan, using the results from events and promotions of the recent past

This company is looking for an intern who can appreciate a good party, is outgoing, self motivating and sociable. To work appr. 38 hours per week, including every other weekend. 

Besides the personal assignment the intern is expected to help out with the day to day management, attend guests and help out where necesarry with some of the events. During workingdays your lunch will be offered by the company.


The dutch owner with a bachelor degree in political cience and a master in International Relations will be your internshipsupervisor. 


All of the management and most of the guest and staff can speak English. However basic Spanish skills when starting the internship are required. This level of Spanish can be obtained during an intensive Spanish course in Granada of 4-3 weeks,

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