VACANT:249 - Social Work-Education
Organisatie: Education& Care community center Regio: Chimborazo, Ecuador


High up in the Andes,in the shadow of the Chimborazo,at the center of Ecuador, between the coast and the rainforest, 
you can find a small town with an education and training center for the whole population of the area, indígenas 
- the first habitants of the land -and mestizos - who traditionally live in towns.


The aim of this center is to create opportunities, by offering workshops, both in the town center and in indigenous communities. These workshops provide high quality education at low cost.

This foundation works in close collaboration with the local government.

The foundation organizes workshops which have grown from living and sharing with the local people, who often find their training too theoretical and feel the need for more practical courses.

The center is not a school, but it aims to support the existing educational system and it forms part of the local governments Development Plan, which is constructed around seven main strategic lines including education and tourism.

The town is very small and poor, there are no shops, restaurants or clubs. Your weekends you can use to explore the country. Quito is about 4 hours by bus away and so is the beach. In about 3 hours you can be at the city of Guayaguil.

On a daily base about 45-60 children attend kindergarten, about 10-15 woman join workshops and other activities and daily about 15-20 elderly come to the center to be looked after and get a nutritious meal.

Computing workshop

Since its inception in 1999, this has been the most popular of all workshops. It provides for learners of all ages, from kindergarten to the elderly. For many, it is a way out of poverty and into participation in society. Internet and social media are also part of the package.

For some years courses have also been offered in a number of communities.

Needlework workshop

In this area, indigenous women have few chances to access training. They marry very young and then have to focus on caring for their family, animals and fields. The needlework workshop teaches them how to embroider table linen, sew cushion or pillow covers, or make jackets and trousers.

After completing the six levels of the training course, they can make handicrafts in the workshop. This gives them a heightened sense of dignity as well as a degree of financial independence.

Since 2012 we have been visiting communities with portable sewing machines in order to teach locally.


Because of a high demand this foundation also opened a kindergarten in 2002 for children aged 4 to 6 years.

Many children receive financial support to attend. They get a nourishing meal each day and go out regularly.

Homework support

Every afternoon, youngsters find support at the community center to help them with their homework. Computers are also available to them for research. Although Ecuador’s new Education Law (2011) requires that all schools and colleges should provide homework support for their pupils, the free facilities of this organisation remain in great demand.


For these courses they rely on the knowledge of volunteers. With their help they can offer courses both at the Centre itself and in indigenous communities. 

Indigenous music

On Sundays there is music at community center, with both new and traditional instruments such as the charango, the rondador and the bombo. The more experienced musicians collaborated in making the CD entitled Sonidos del Ecuador.

Training teachers

This foundation is keen to help teachers, and organizes seminars in collaboration with the Teachers’ Association of the local government.

School vacation activities

The foundation has many games and toys which the children can use during school holidays. Courses are also on offer during the summer vacation.

Examples of Internship and volunteer Activities:

1.      Make a sales and marketing plan for needlework to be sold

2.      Tutoring

3.      Give English and computer lessons

4.      Set up workshops to improve quality of life in broad sense such as on: hygiene at home, hygiene of your body, punishment of children, healthy nutrition.




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