VACANT:248 - Social Work-Education
Organisatie: local youth development organization Regio: Granada, Nicaragua

Description of organization

This local youth development organization was started by two people who have a background in Global Development, and a background in Social Work. The program is located in a poor urban area (barrio) of Granada. This area has mostly dirt roads and most houses are one or two rooms housing with dirt floors and outside some very basic sanitary facilities. Most houses are inhabited by anywhere from 5-11+ members of a family, with up to 5 sharing a bed at times.
Of the approximately 11,000 inhabitants, over 7,000 are children. In this neighborhood many children suffer from their parents’ drinking and drugs problems and many children are malnourished. The purpose of this program is to ensure that the children are receiving nutrition, supplemental education reinforcement, intensive English lessons and get the opportunity to earn school supplies to facilitate their public school attendance and participation. They are also taught principles to live by and life skills such as good behavior and manners. All of these components should lead to an increase the self-confidence, self-esteem, success of the students and make sure they get better opportunities in life. The program believes that this holistic approach, treating the whole child, gives each student the foundation to escape the cycle of poverty and to succeed in school and life.
This organization is dependent on donations and volunteers. Fortunately they have both areas very well organized and is this their key to success. The Volunteers are led by the Program Coordinator, she has this well structured. Volunteers get a proper introduction and clear tasks. In this way also short term volunteers can contribute in a valuable way. The primary role of all volunteers is to work with the children, either in an assistant teaching capacity or sitting with them during class to help them with their lessons. Below some responsibilities of volunteers:
  • Take attendance and keep track of records of attendance and the sticker chart for prices, also distribute the prices that the children earn;
  • Assist the professor with teaching, lesson planning, correcting homework, etc.;
  • Ensure that the students follow the rules of the school;
  • Run errands for the school as needed;
  • Help with food preparation, cooking, serving and doing the dishes;
  • Love and encourage the children to stay in school and realize their dreams;
  • Help organizing field trips, sports and recreation trips;       
  • Teach and tutor students who need additional help (such as those who cannot read) either before or after regular school hours;
  • Make sure the school is left clean and organized at the end of the day.
From Monday to Thursday volunteers teach English in the main outdoor area and provide tutoring of all subjects inside the school. Fridays are always Activity Day, which may be sports, art projects, a lottery for school supplies, toys and clothing, or other activities.
Your internship
As a student of social work you will start with a general orientation and work as a regular volunteer for about 2 weeks. During this time you get to know the organization and you keep an eye out for your personal assignment. Your personal assignment will be drown up based upon the requirements from your unicversity, personal preferences and the need of the organization. Your supervisor will be the Program Coordinator, she has this well structured.
  • A part of the children have personal files that keep data about their home situation, personal development, health, education and sponsors. These files should be updated and as an intern you can make files and collect the required data for the chidren that don't have a file yet. 
  • design and give classes on prevention of frequent problems from the neighborhood, adjusted to the different age groups. Big problems are: alcoholism, drug addiction, domestic violence, sexual abuse.
  • Help further develop the program for the parents of the attending children. A first program has been developped in 2016 but still a lot needs to be improved. The current program has to be evaluated and adjusted so it will have more effect. There group- and individual meetings. 
You can take a Spanish course through On-Stage prior your volunteering. You are required to speak basic Spanish upon starting this internship. If you do not have this level yet, it can be obtained by a 4 week Spanish course in Granada prior to your internship.

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