VACANT:246 - Foodtechnology
Organisatie: Salt and grains processing plant Regio: Masaya, Nicaragua
About the organization
This company is a salt and grains processing company with 112 employees. They give added value to ground ingredients salt and grains and process them into different kinds of salt and grain products for human and animal consumption. The company is located at a strategical location near the city of Masaya, and easily accesable from Granada, Nicaragua. At the first part there is the storage of the ground ingredients, laboratorium and processing plant. At the second part one finds the offices, the packaging area and the storages of the end products.
This company was born out of a patriotic feeling for Nicaragua from the Nicaraguan founders that have a very intenational background. The founders of the company want to give their help to improve and develop Nicaraguan industry in a sane commercial way. In general in Nicaragua produces lots of raw material that are then being exported for processing and to get added value, to later be imported in Nicaragua again.  This happened also to salt and grains. For example Nicaraguan salt was being transferred to Costa Rica in to be processed and then returned to Nicaragua, where for the most important part the labour and the added value came be outside of Nicaragua.
The founders made a Business Plan that included the domestic demand and plans for salt products and with plans to expand to  the Central American region (which has been realized), because in addition to analyze qualitatively and quantitatively in Nicaragua they found that they would be highly competitive in price and quality. This has now been demostrated through the development and growth of their business. This company is the main provider for Wallmart for their salt  and grain products for Central America. They have all relevent certifications such as HACCP and all certifications from Wallmart.
This company currently has three production lines for salts:
a) Fine Dry salt capable of producing twelve thousand quintals per month.
b) Salt Damp fine with capacity to produce twenty thousand quintals per month.
c) Salts and Minerals cattle capable of producing four thousand quintals per month.
They have currently has the following products for salts;
a) for table salt in the cooking of 200 and 400 grams respectively.
b) Salt in the cooking for Churrasco of 1 kilo and 454 grams
c) Snow White to table salt in 400 grams of.
d) Get out the best for the industry (human and animal industry) in presenting a quintal.
e) Sales and Minerals The Vaquita cattle in four specialties (Standard, Organic, and Ternero prepartum) and 15 presentations and 23 kilos respectively.
f) Sales and Minerals presentations 15 and 23 kilos respectively (Mineral salts for cattle)
For human food they are the ceral supplier for Wallmart Central America and provide in all kinds of cereals. Besides this they are also a big brand in producing animal foods suchs as for pigs, cows, ckicken, shrimp, dogfood, etc.
The company develops products that are high quality as they have endeavored to bring health to the population, they confirm the various institutions of the state who monitor our products, making analysis at different laboratories, in addition to those we do in private laboratories. They have all relevent certifications such as HACCP and all certifications from Wallmart.
a) Major Markets:
- Nicaragua.
- Costa Rica.
- Honduras.
- Coming to San Salvador and Guatemala.
b) Distribution:
Their market strength is due to the mutually beneficial partnership with our suppliers, this allowed us to obtain competitive prices for various raw materials nationally and internationally.
They also have mutually beneficial partnerships with distributors so there is a balance by product differentiation and it has enabled them to establish pricing policies that are transferred to the distribution chain and especially the consumer, making the prices of our products are competitive and / or sufficiently accessible to the consumer.
Their vision is to always be the leader of the salt industry in the Central American market excelling in our products to be of high quality at competitive prices and in turn creating value for all our customers unifying effort, loyalty and professionalism that contribute to generational commitment strengthens us as a Nicaraguan company growing.
We ensure good health in your home, with high quality food products. Let a company focused on constantly fulfill our promise of quality and excellence in our manufactured products to our customers with total respect for the commitment, loyalty and responsibility.
Seek always, welfare, development and Realization of all our staff, as well as each of their families holistically.
That means we grow, preserve the environment and perform direct contributions to enrich our community, both culturally and spiritually.
Practicing continuous improvement to realize our vision and confidence to continue to satisfy our customers and partners have in us.
As a foodtechnology student there are various internship possibilities and various individual assignments. At this moment they want to start developping a new product. The company has been rewarded a government permission to import 3000 tons of corn under the KAFTA deal. They want to develop a new pig and sheep food made of corn, soy and salts. They formulation of the product has to be created, tested, taken into production, labels have to be written. Each proces of the production should be registered profesionally.
The project manager of this new product will be your official internship supervisor. He speaks Englis and has his Ba. in business administration and a long interesting international work experience in the food industry. In his team are, among others, 3 food specialist with corresponding degrees who will be available for day to day consultation in the field of foodtechnology.
Although your supervisor speaks English, Spanish is the language on the workfloor and you should speak Spanish on at basic level upon starting your internship. This level can be obtained by a Spanish course in Nicaragua.
You get your warm lunch offered by the company.

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