VACANT:245 - Hotel management, Tourism, FM, IBL, IBMS
Organisatie: Small Luxury Hotel Regio: Granada, Nicaragua

About the company

Granada, its history, its stately old buildings and its resurgence as a tourist town is what make its inhabitants so proud. That is why a family from Granada decides to restore an old colonial mansion that time destroyed and almost forgotten, today shines as it did in its glory years and its impressive architecture rises in the curve of the Calle Real and welcoming the historic town .With a history that is literally the collapse and oblivion in the last century, the Hotel is the splendor, the comfort and maximum efficiency of the XXI Century . 

The meeting of the grandeur of the past with all the comfort advantages of modern day, is not casual. The reconstruction of the building was carefully planned respecting the original plan, with the proportions of the rooms with high ceilings, but adding a second floor to the back of the mansion identical to the original style, plus all the mechanisms of climate services and connectivity of a hotel of international quality.

The furniture in the social areas are all antique, purchased from collectors and local families to recreate the original spirit of the house, in other cases such as lamps, ceiling and doors are replicas of the originals. In the 80s the house was declared a World Heritage by the Ministry of Culture, was used as the setting for a movie and later deteriorated, so it had to be completely rebuilt.

There are 17 rooms and 16 employees, of which about 50% are women. They work in areas such as:

·         Reception/ reservations

·         Housekeeping

·         Maintenance

·         Management


The hotel is family owned and a brother (René) and sister (Cristiana) form the management team.


Your supervisor:


One of the managers will be your local internship supervisor. Both speak English and have a Bachelor Degree. René has a ba. In Economy and one in Latin America studies and a MBA in Finance and Marketing. Cristiana has her bachelor degree in business administration.


Internship activities/ assignments:


All interns will get a general introduction to get to know the hotel and its staff by working two or three days in reception and housekeeping.


Depending your career, year of study, personal interests and needs of the hotel at the time you agree on an internship assignment.


Examples of possible assignments:

·         Social Corporate Responsibility certification: investigate which certificate would suit the hotel best and complete the complex application and advise the hotel on necessary changes that might be needed to obtain de certificate such as the Rainforest Alliance certificate

·         Marketing; describe the current guest profiles and look what guest profiles could be target groups and how to reach them. Evaluate the current marketing instruments and advice for improvement.

·         Sales: evaluate the sales process from internal and a guest-/agent perspective, give advice for improvement.

Working Hours

In general you will work Monday-Friday from 8.00-17.00h. Sometimes it can be requested to work during the weekend. Within this hours there will be sufficient time to work on your assignments from school as well.


During your internship you should look representive, but keeping the tropical climate into account. For man this means a (polo) shirt with short sleeves and long pants with closed shoes. For women: skirts or dresses knee length, conservative shirts/ blouses and shoes with a low heel.

The intern will get a small compensation for their lunch costs.

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