VACANT:238 - Social Works/ Sports
Organisatie: Soccer club Regio: Puerto Lopez, Ecuador

This project is a great local initiative in Puerto Lopez. Due to lack of municipal initiatives and options for local youth, one of the inhabitants started a soccer club for the youngsters. Through sports he motivates kids to stay in school, gives them motivational talks, and they get additional English classes each afternoon with volunteers.

Youngsters can only be part of the soccer team if they are inscribed at school and get good grades. He also arranged an agreement with a school in Canada where every semester several team players get the opportunity to go to a completely paid exchange to improve their English if they have been member of the soccer club for at least two years and have good grades at school. The soccer and English program runs all year.Interested?

Internship opportunities


A student social work can help the club at many different levels, especially involved with social background information, family interviews,  organize workshops, study influence between school and sports



This project is located in the town of Puerto Lopez in the province of Guayas. You will have to travel directly from Quito to Puerto Lopez. Travelling in bus from Quito it will take you approximately 11 hours to reach.  Once you arrive to the project to have to take a taxi



You will stay in the project coordinator’s cabañas in the middle of the town. There are 4 rooms, each with its own bathroom for volunteers and a shared kitchen. You will be provided with a pillow, sheets and blankets. Outside there is a social area and also an area for you to hand wash your clothes. There are almost always also other international people living in the house. And as the village is a tourist destination you will find other foreigners around.




Running water



Hot water





There are plenty of internets in the town of Puerto Lopez

Laundry Service


You can hand wash your clothes or use a launderette in Puerto Lopez



There are plenty of pay-phones in Puerto Lopez for national and international calls.

Medical Attention


Doctor in Puerto Lopez, hospital in Guayaquil

English-speaking project contact



Bank/Cashpoint Machine


There is a cashpoint in Puerto Lopez



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