VACANT:228 - Physical- / Exercise Therapy
Organisatie: Daycare disabled people and Early intervention Regio: Granada, Nicaragua

This daycare center serves Granada population of people with a disability. This is extremely needed as there are almost mno facilities for people with a handicap and because the acceptance of persons with a handicap is very low in Nicaragua.


The total number of person who attend the center is 190. Daily about 10-20 babies and kids arrive for early invention. With the occupational therapy about 28 adults get on a daily base to the center. They have lessons to imprve their psychomotorical skills 1 hour per day. 


The general objectives are;


o    To improve Granada’s disabled residents’ quality of life.

o    To create awareness within the community and build a society with equal rights, understanding that diversity is a source of potential opportunities.

o    To promote the employment of special needs individuals within the community (which will facilitate their independent living as they age) through the use of media as well as through the community’s direct contact with these special needs individuals.

o    To continue improving our technology, treatments, and therapies to better serve this community.


The Specific Objectives are:


o    To maximize the number of families and special needs individuals that the center can serve.

o    To integrate our students into society and create access to the labor sector.

o    To continue to create and implement methods adapted to the needs of each student that will generate significant improvements in their capabilities.

o    To increase awareness and understanding towards people with special needs within their families, as well as in businesses and the local society in general.

o    To develop the autonomy of the special needs individuals through education improving social-, communication- and hygiene- skills in order to achieve independence in all individual aspects.

o    To strengthen oral, written and visual communication of people with special needs through alternative systems and augmentative communication.

o    To strengthen the effectiveness of the interpersonal relationships of special needs individuals.’



To realize this the following services are offered:



Occupational Therapy (OP)

Early Invention

School& Family


Occupational Therapy (OT)at this center is defined as the therapeutic use of personal hygiene activities, work and play to increase independent function, to enhance personal development and prevent the progression of a disability.

It includes adaptation to the environment and tasks to achieve maximum independence and a better quality of life. The target audiences for OT are children and adults whose abilities to function physically and/or mentally are limited by their disability. Within this population, OT can be successfully implemented both to combat psychosocial dysfunction and delayed cognitive development. Occupational Therapy helps special needs individuals to improve their quality of life by: maximizing their independence, enhancing their ability to learn, and preventing deterioration.


Personal-hygiene and daily tasks includes: dressing, showering, brushing hair and teeth, eating, and domestic chores such as cleaning, grocery shopping and running errands.  

Work includes: all productive activities regardless of compensation. Nowadays the youngsters from age 18 on. are occupied at the  workplace to recycle paper where we prepare the youngsters to be able to ge a job and autonomy. 

Games and Leisure lead to involvement in: hobbies, sports, social recreation and participation in cultural, religious and ritual celebrations. 


Early intervention:


This service is geared towards children, 0-12 years old, who, as a result of their biological or psychosocial conditions either presently showing developmental delays or are at risk for developing delays. It includes physiotherapy, psychological help and logopedistics. Every child has a treatment program designed specifically for his/her individual needs; the family and the child’s environment are taken into consideration in the development of the treatment plan.


The main goal of early intervention for children showing special needs is to provide the attention that will maximize their capacity to develop, while improving their health, integration into their families, school, society and therefore improving their personal autonomy. To achieve this objective the centeremploys physical therapy, psychomotor stimulation, and cognitive stimulation. In addition, support and counseling is offered to parents.


What  you can do as an intern:


Depending you career and background you can work on both areas: with babies in the area of physical therapy and with teh adults in the special classes to improve their psychomotoric skills. Depending on your preferences the center makes you a workschedule in coordination with the physical therapist you can have your own patients to attend.


Interns normally work from Mon-Fri 8-3 so they can use they can take advantage of their spare time and improve their Spanish, as their Spanish skills are fundamental for this organization.




This foundation requires you have proper Spansh skills upon starting your internship. This means you must have teh ability to have a conversation in Spanish and your reading and writing skills should be suffcient to be able to write reports. You can strengthen your Spanish skills in Nicaragua, but you shouls have Spanish skill already before coming to Nicaragua



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