VACANT:227 - Biology
Organisatie: Scientific Research Whale Foundation Regio: Puerto Lopez, Ecuador

Since 1997 the Pacific Whale Foundation, located in Puerto Lopez, has dedicated time and effort to recollect data about whales and contribute with scientific research to the Whale Commission South America. This happens every year during the season that the Humpback Whales come to the pacific coast of Ecuador. Every year from June until October the humpback whales come to these warm waters that pass the pacific coast of Ecuador to find their mates and have their young. They swim all the way until the south of Colombia before heading back again to the waters of the Antarctica.



As an intern you can collaborate on various projects, depending on you major. The main help is needed on cataloguing and data analysis, but other options can also be considered upon receiving CV and motivation letter. Since 1997 the Foundation has identified and catalogued over 2200 different whales by photographing their tails and has contributed to different scientific studies and determination of migration routes, feeding areas and more. Besides whales, marine birds and dolphins are also monitored. For the planning of your time take into account that the whales are around the Ecuadorian coast only from end june until the beginning of October. If you are at the research station before or after the season your work will be mostly at the office and not as much in the field.


The intern guidance is done by a marine biologists with over 20 years of experience in the field called Cristina Castro who speaks English



Interns can rent a room in their volunteer house with double rooms with its own bathroom. There is a shared kitchen, library and social area.  You will be provided with bedding and will have access to WI-FI. 





Running water



Hot water






Laundry service


You can wash your clothes by hand or pay to get your clothes washed



There is a telephone at the project but it is not to make personal calls

Medical Attention


Nearest international doctor and hospitals in Manta




English-speaking project contact


The project staff speaks English

Bank/Cashpoint Machine


In Puerto lopez


Please contact after subscribing at our website. Just to be clear:

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