Organisatie: Paint Distributor Regio: Managua, Nicaragua

This company is the biggest producer of paint and covers in Central America. The paint is produced in Guatemala and each Central American Country has its own distribution and sales center. In Nicaragua they provide to about 1000 hardware shop, to supermarkets and some specialty stores. 

They represent 3 mayor paint brands. Two for the consumer market and one for the industrial market. Each brand has it's own salesteam of about 20 sales members. Each salesrep has it's own district, and per two sales reps there is a back office assistent. Each brand also has a telemarketeer and of course a sales manager. 


This company has the mission to protect, maintain and decorate installations, equipment and industrial machineryby disrtibuting and selling high quality paint and complementary products, by using integrated and specialised sales teams that are focussed on the needs of our clients.


This company wants to provide the best workingplace with the best possibilities for personal and professional growth that wants the staff to grow with the company.
Internship possibilities:
As an intern you will learn how this salesteam works. You can join several salesreps to get to know their day to day work.  You will be working under supervision of the sales manager who will explain you the sales strategy they get from the head office in Guatemala. As special assignments you can investigate the impact of the big promotional campaign from november2015-january 2016 at which the company has a raffle with a 1 million cordoba price ( about U$37.000)
Also you can research:
  • client satisfaction at the business-2-business ( for example a survey on quantity and quality of contact with sales reps)
  • research how efficiency can be improved 
  • recommendations for modernizing the ways of sales 

It's important to be aware of the fact that way of doing sales in Nicaragua is still old fashioned for European standards with lot's of direct contact.

The spoken language on teh workfloor is Spanish, the sales managers also speak English.

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