VACANT:217 - Tourism/ Business
Organisatie: Boutique Hotel Regio: Granada, Nicaragua

This luxury colonial hotel has 16 rooms and a pool, restaurant and museum open to the public. About 30 fulltime employees work here. For several areas they are welcoming interns. Depending on the requirements form school and your personal preferences you can decide upon how many hours to work and what kind of work to do. Every intern is expected to also help with the attendance of clients when necesarry. In general you will be working at or near the front desk. Besides helping with this kind of day to day activities you can get to know and execute light management tasks such as control on cleaning, working hours of staff, making work schedules for staff. Also you get the possibility to do one or more projects which should be of the interest of both the business as your career. Such as;

  1. Make a sales and marketing plan for the pool, spa, restaurant, hotel and/or musea area. The hotel is mostly promoted through the internet by websites such as tripadvisor. For other services such as the museum other channels such as touroperators and local channels might be better options
  2. The hotelowner  also owns 17 Chocolate musea spread over Latin America (Peru, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Columbia, Nicaragua) and would like to have a comparison of all musea including their facilities, services and financial results so musea that are not performing well in certain areas, can use the best practice of other chocolat musea.
  3. Research client satisfaction for the different areas and give and maybe implement recommendations
  4. Research the actual prices based on costs, prices of competerors and guest-opinions and make recomendations
  5. Evaluate and improof Spa-service and make a salesplan to improof the Spa service

The manager or the owner of the hotel will be your supervisor. The manager has her bachelor degree in Economy and speaks English quiet well. The owner is an American man who has his Bachelor degree in Economy from the Yale university and his masters degree in Business from the Stanford university.

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