VACANT:215 - Hotel management / Facility Management
Organisatie: 5 star Hotel Regio: Managua, Nicaragua

About the Organisation

With great expectations the company opened its first hotel in the five-star segment in 1972 in San Salvador, El Salvador. Two decades passed before the group built another hotel project in 1994, again a five-star hotel, this time located in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Years later, with experience and success in the field, Grupo Poma initiated projects to expand operations in other countries and the need arose to form a company exclusively dedicated to the hospitality business. In 1995 Real Hotels and Resorts (at that time known as Grupo Real) was created with a corporate philosophy of planned, sustained expansion and a commitment to permanently supporting the development of tourism in the region. Dedicated 100% to hotel administration and operation, Real Hotels and Resorts quickly became the best and most efficient hotel management business in the Central American region.

In 1997 the company completed construction in San Pedro Sula of its third five-star hotel. From its inception, Real Hotels and Resorts has operated successfully in alliance with three large hotel chains: InterContinental Hotels Group, Choice Hotels International and Marriott Hotels and Resorts. At the present time the group operates 18 important hotels in Central and North America.  

In 2006, the hotel's group known as Grupo Real, changes its name to Real Hotels & Resorts. As a hotel chain operating and managing now 27 hotels in more than 9 countries, Grupo Real wanted to focus on their own brand: Real, and also wanted to explore on the leisure market with the development of new Resorts in Central America, understanding the importance that these countries are taking in regards of leisure tourism.


To be the best hotel chain in every market in which we are present, with the most extensive line of three- to five-star hotels maintaining a core philosophy of excellence in customer service; and to at all times make full use of our unbeatable competitive advantages in order to provide our guests with the highest perceived value. To accomplish this we will have a shared vision and the best and most highly motivated human resource, always capitalizing on the creative potential of all our employees.


To be always 5 years ahead from our competitors through constant innovation in the operations, infrastructure, programs for the development of our human resource, and personalized service offered in our hotels, obtaining with this a significant increase to the net flow of our shareholders.

Internship possibilities:

Both practical as management internships are possible here. Internships can take place at the following departments:

  • Accounting and General, includes: accounting, human resources, shops, warehouse, security
  • Sales and Marketing: includes events, reservations, yield- and revenue management
  • Food& Beverage: includes: kitchen, restaurant service, roomservice, bars, breakfast, stewarding

Most chiefs of the departments speak English, but most other staffmenbers don't and Spanish is the spoken language on the workfloor.

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