VACANT:213 - Tourism, Hospitality, Hotel Management, Business Administration, Facility management
Organisatie: Boutique Hotel Regio: Puerto Cayo, Manabi, Ecuador
Internship organization
This beautiful boutique hotel is located near the fisherman village of Puerto Cayo and prides itself in its unique location and exclusive service, truely one of a kind in Ecuador. The team of 38 people prides itself at the exclusive and personal service they are able to offer at their hotel, to both national and international travellers. The high cuisine offered by their on-site chef is renowned all over the country, as all products are freshly grown on the area of the hotel for which they reserve 20 of their 50 hectareas or bought from local fisherman or farmers.
Activities for interns
Interns will be involved in all of the daily tasks that need to be done in the hotel and will rotate in different areas also according to their interest and field of education. This can involve: reception, customer service, service, kitchen, agriculture and more. Besides daily tasks interns can take on a special assignment such as:
·         Marketing and publicity: how to profile the hotel for national customers (travel agencies) and international travelers
·         What kind of local, sustainable community tours can be developed
·         Write a customer service manual


You will be supervised by the local managers. They will help you with the orientation at the hotel and the planning and evaluating of your work. Limited Spanish is not a problem at this hotel. You will work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week according to weekly planning. Besides receiving room and board, you will receive a monthly stipend of $100.00.

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