VACANT:212 - Tourism, Marketing, Business Management, Facility Management
Organisatie: Travel Agency and Operator Regio: Quito, Ecuador
Internship organization

This travel agency has been operating since 1998 in Ecuador and have specialized their operations in galapagos. They own and operate several cruise boats and also sell tours of other operators. Within their organization they have split departments between wholesale and direct sale, and most interns work at the direct sale department. Every year they serve over 2500 happy customers and give them the experience of a life time on the Galapagos Islands. The have two offices: a main office located just outside the Mariscal area and a direct-sales office which is located in the dynamic and developed "new town" area of Quito - right in the midst of the very best tourist services and hotels on the Plaza Foch. Between both offices they have more than 15 employees.
An important part of their target group consists of tourists who are already present in Ecuador. For this reason, they are developing community based tourism, of which a part of their profit goes to these projects.
Activities for interns

Internship possibilities:

This travel agency offers a great place to learn and work as an intern. You can both assist in the daily tasks of the agency and develop a project depending on your knowledge, skills and interests. Mostly interns help with translations, social media, direct sales, marketing and promotions. There are also different options for individual assignment depending on the interest and carreer of the intern.

Former interns have sold tours at the office, organized operational tasks for tailor made tours, made improvement plans for the human resources department, and helped with designing their website.
The aim of the travel agency is to make you feel part of the team and to offer a friendly ambience and a great work experience!


The agency is looking for an open-minded, friendly person, who also has social skills. They prefer students who study Tourism, but they will also accept students in the fields of Marketing, Communication, or Web design. You should also be reliable and trustworthy. You must have good English skills and having a knowledge of German is a pro. Your workschedule is from Monday to Friday from 09h00 to 18h00, with one hour free for lunch.


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