VACANT:204 - Fashion and Business
Organisatie: Textil factory Regio: Masaya, Nicaragua

This company is one the owners can be proud of. The founder (Aida) is a woman that is an example for many. She comes from a very poor single-mom family and had to help out with 4 younger brothers and sisters. There were days that the only food was a tortilla so Aida went to support her mom by trying to sell things at the local market. Aida didn't want this poverty to be her future and she finished school and even went to university to study law. After getting her degree she worked for several years in ... And she discovered she really wanted to follow her dreams and start in fashion.

With a loan of 100 us dollars she borrowed the one-pedal sowing machine of her mom, baught fabric and started to work.  Nowadays Aida and her husband are the proud owners their clothing comapny. They employ 42 persons, within the different business areas such as cutting, sowing, embroiding, printing, hr, sales, bookkeeping, general management.


They have 4 production lines


1. Baby clothes
2. Uniforms for industrial use
3. Promotional materials; prints, embroiding, stamps of logotypes on fabrics and products
4. Bath and kitchen assecoires, made from a base of natural sponge and residual materials from the sowing

There sales are about 20.000 pieces, 70.000 US dollar a year and growing fast. In 2013 they had a growth of 48%. This was especially due to the fact that they obtained the ISO 9001 and ISO 9008 certifications. They also export a 10% of their products. Very special for Nicaragua is that they are applying good practice in many fields. The management of their staff is professional and they work socially responsable also they put a lot of value in the environment and are always finding ways to lessen their environmental impact and to contribute to a clean environment.

Their clients very from Wallmart and national supermarketchains to individual buyers. Since some years they have a manager graduated in business administration and post-docs in finance and quality. Since then they work with all kind of managment tools, yearly plans and have clear goals.

As an intern you can help them realising their goals by doing specific assignments for this or helping in more general aspects. This company is suitable for third and fourth year interns in textile and business related carreers.

Possible assignments;

1. Help achieving the goal of working more effective by analyzing the production process, the designs, working methods and patronaje
2. Assist with realizing a growth of 20-25% per month by making a marketing and sales plan. Identify niche markets, and improve their products
3. Develop competencies for the different areas to improve their performance.
4. Make a SWOT and action plan for each or some of the departments.

You may also attend and contribute to the meetings of the quality team

The manager will be your supervisor and aside of day to day guidance will have weekly sessions with you to evaluate and coordinate your internship. You will get a desk at the office of the manager but also wil be working in the other areas of the company. There is wifi but you will need to bring your own computer. Working hours are a bit flexible but in general from mon- fri from 08.00  -17.00 lunch is offered by the company.


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