VACANT:202 - Business, Management, ICT
Organisatie: Technological Solution Company Regio: Quito, Ecuador

Internship organization


This medium sized multinational company has grown to over 60 employees since its foundation in 1995. The main headquarter is based in Quito, Ecuador, from where they attend clients in Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Peru and United States. They are dedicated to the development and implementation of technological solutions for information management departments of differents sectors and companies.


One of their major market segments is banking and financing, and they have developped many software applications that allow bank transactions to be made to the non-banking sector, and also to have small neighbourhood banks in conveniences stores around the country.


Recent interns have done research and development in this segment, but also in the business of migrant transfers from overseas, investigating the flow of money between traditional migration countries such as Italy and Spain, and the home-country Ecuador. As Ecuador is traditional a non-banking country (most money flows go for example through western union and alikes) there are many interesting business opportunities here still.


Besides the development of software they are also the customer support center for their application, offering help desk service and service manuals for end-users.


Activities for interns


The company has interesting assignment opportunities for interns from different carreers:
- Busines and Management
- Marketing


Assignments in the past have included research and development of new (overseas) market, marketing plan for new products, service manuals for clients.


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