VACANT:196 - Verloskundige
Organisatie: Publiek Ziekenhuis Regio: Masaya, Nicaragua
Internship organization
The public hospital is part of the governmental health service and provides free healthcare to the people. There is very much need for this, as most people are living below the poverty line. Unfortunately the health service standards are a long way apart from what we are used to in Europe. Many patients are located in the same room. There is hardly any privacy, sometimes even the bed itself has to be shared. The free healthcare is supposed to also include free medicines, but often essential medicines are not available and the patients have to buy them at a pharmacy. Many operations cannot be performed because of lack of materials/ instruments. For most operations/ treatments people have to wait too long. Which make the operation/ treatment not as effective as possible. Medical staff working for the public health service receives low salaries and has to work hard. Especially the nurses.
Activities for interns  
When you study to be a midwife and have your internship at the public hospital you will work at three departments:
1.      Consultation area: here come pregnant woman that have a risky pregnancy for control and information. Most common risks are because of a high BMI, diabetes, teenage-pregnancies, pre-eclampsia and others.  As an intern you can assist doing the controls,  and do them yourself once it is clear you are capable for this. You can also provide information about themes related to pregnancy such as breastfeeding, explanation of the most common pregnancy problems, food & pregnancy, etc. You can make informative posters for this and/or give presentations in the waiting room or at the maternity ward.
2.       Labour and delivery: this hospital delivers about 3,600 births a year. So there is enough work. Once you have proven to be capable in both your profession and with the language you will (under supervision) get more and more work to do. You will also sometimes have to work the nightshifts, just like the other midwifes do.
3.       Maternity ward: both the regular and the high-risk mums-to-be are located here. There is a lack of nurses, so you will really be working, of course under supervision of a qualified nurse.
A regular working week consists of 40 hours a week, divided in dayshifts (10 hours each) and night shifts (14 hours each). It is possible to work less hours per week, but the shifts should be completed.
It is not necessary to speak Spanish upon arrival, but you are expected to know at least the basics before you start your internship. This can be achieved by following an intensive Spanish course, through On-Stage, in Granada. Nobody in the hospital speaks English.
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