VACANT:195 - Sociale studies, HBO-V / Verpleegkunde
Organisatie: Publieke School Regio: Galapagos Islands - Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, Ecuador
Internship organization
The island San Cristobal has about 6,000 inhabitants. Most children are educated at the only available Public School, which has generally more than 700 children in ages ranging between 5 - 15 years old.

Although the Galapagos Islands are well-known worldwide and for many tourists a destination on their list, because of the beautiful flora and fauna, the towns on the Galapagos Islands cope with many of the same problems as small towns on the continent. The government budget for education, though improving, is still limited and there are many similar social problems, such as: machismo, alcoholism, abuse, etc.

All this reflects on the learning abilities of the children. The public school on San Cristobal houses an in-house health post, under the direction of a child psychologist and with support of medical staff who work part time or several days a month. The child psychologist aims to improve the attention to the mentally and physically handicapped children on the island as well as to improve the attention given to the children with a learning disability, regardless how small or big these may be.

Activities for trainees
Internship possibilities:

• Assist the child psychologist at her appointments

• Detect problems and monitor children at the school

• Develop educational materials

• Develop a register and maintain it up to date

• Assist the school nurse

Besides the project, the intern can help during his/her remaining time with some normal tasks at the school assigned by the head of the department. How the internship activities are proportioned depends on the internship requirements of your school.


You will be supervised by the Dutch manager, who visits the hostel once a week. She will help you with your orientation at the hostels, explain her ideas about the hostel and help you planning and evaluating your work. You can live at the hostel. You need to be independent and adventurous.
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