VACANT:193 - Business/Economics, Tourism
Organisatie: Mountain Hotel Regio: Cotopaxi, Ecuador
Internship organization
This beautiful hotel is located at the Volcano Avenue, with beautiful views on the Ilinizas, the Cotopaxi and El Corazon. This has been a dream come true for a local business woman. She started with one small building, but after a busy year (in 2012) she has finished remodelation which leaves her hotel ready to rival with its competitors. The hotel includes: a restaurant for 70 persons, cabanas, different types of rooms, a dormitory for large groups, a camping area and a small spa.

The owner of this hotel also has a tour operator in Quito that focuses on adventure tours, such as: climbing, hiking, mountainbiking, etc. The hotel makes use of the tour operator for all tours.
Activities for interns

Internship possibilities:
·         Marketing and publicity: how to profile the hotel for national customers (travel agencies) and international travelers
·         What kind of local, sustainable community tours can be developed
·         Write a customer service manual

Besides the project the intern would help during his/her remaining time with the normal hotel duties, which could include: administrative work, helping tourists, helping with organizing tours, etc. How the internship activities are proportioned depends on the internship requirements from your school.


You will be supervised by the local manager. She will help you with your orientation at the hostel, explain her ideas about the hotel and help you planning and evaluating your work. You can live at the hotel and you will also receive meals. You need to be independent and adventurous.

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