VACANT:192 - Sociale rechten, rechtsbijstand
Organisatie: NGO vrouwen rechten Regio: Granada, Nicaragua
Internship organization

This very well known and appreciated NGO works on a national level and has service points in many cities of Nicaragua. They work hard on improving the quality of life of women in Nicaragua, especially in the fields of health and women rights. To realise this they organize public campaigns on these subjects, give courses, work on prevention and have their service points where they provide good quality health and legal aid services for women. The service point in Granada offers:

• Gynaecologist attendance

• General health consults with a doctor for women and children

• Pregnancy guidance

• Health checks for Sexual Transmittable Diseases (STD)

• Colonscopia

• Mammography

• Legal counselling for women rights (domestic violence most of all)

• Family planning

• Sexual education

• Free condoms

• Psychological help with psychologist

• Laboratory

• Small pharmacy

• Aids and HIV exams

• Ultrasound check ups

• Fieldwork for house visits en prevention campaigns (every 2 weeks)

The service point is opened from Mon-Fri from 8.00am - 12.00pm and 1.00pm - 5.00pm and on Saturday from 8.00am - 12.00pm. If you come and have your internship here you can also work 3, 4 or 5 days a week. There work 9 full-time employees, including a doctor, a psychologist and a lawyer.

Normally a vehicle is available for the fieldtrips. If not, you and your co-workers will travel by public transportation. These (low) costs you will need to pay yourself.

If your internship is at the legal aid department you will be supervised by the lawyer. She has plenty of experience in supporting women in the legal aid process and knows how to achieve her goals through her experience when she is with the police. Almost all cases concern domestic violence. The organization helps these victims in an integral way, also providing psycholigical and medical aid if necessary.

The lawyer helps the women making a declaration and statement at the police and the court. Also she helps the victims explaining the legal processes they need to go through up to going to court with them. Aside of this direct individual help, a part of her job also includes promoting and provding help in defending women rights in general. This NGO is in touch with many concerned organizations, such as the government, police and other NGOs.

When you have your internship here you can help with both aspects of the job. Helping the individuals, but also e.g. writing a report about the discrepancy between what the law says and how in reality it is lived up to. For the individual victims you will learn about the laws and the procedures in Nicaragua, about the sad situation of many Nicaraguan women. You will do interviews with the victims when your Spanish is good enough and you will join visits to the police, court and help with public prevention work in the field.

Guidance: Your internship supervisor will be the lawyer of the center.

It is required to speak at least be able to make yourself clear Spanish. You need to be able to have conversations and read complex artricles.
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