VACANT:187 - Biologie / Dierenarts / Wildlifemanagement
Organisatie: Nationale Dierentuin & Revalidatiecentrum Regio: Ticuantepe, Nicaragua
Internship organization

The national zoo and wildlife rehabilitation centre.
With very little funds and very much need the management and employees of the zoo are doing their utmost best to give their animals a decent life, and where possible they reintroduce them back in nature. In the 15 years of existence, they have received more than 7,000 animals, of which over 4,000 have been liberated. There work 30 employees in this zoo. Most animals come from Nicaragua itself. Often they were captured by the police, because they were in illegal trade or people had them as pets, but gave them to the zoo when they could not take care of them anymore.

The fauna at the zoo is varied: all kinds of birds (ara, parrots, tucans, hawks, etc.), butterflies, big cats (jaguars, pumas, ocelots, jaguarundis, wildcats and even a lion), tapirs, crocodiles, nosebears, spidermonkeys, capuchin monkeys, agoutis, raccoons, etc.

At the rehabilitation centre you will find the animals that have just been brought in, that are wounded, ill or very young. These animals often need special care like handfeeding or extra supervision.

Some of the animals have a reasonable cage seize and receive sufficient healthcare and a proper food program. Unfortunately, most animals have very small cages and little distraction. It is often sad to see, however one should realize that there is no other place to go for these animals and that the whole staff is doing the best they can.

Activities for trainees

Internship possibilities:

As an intern you can contribute in numerous projects. So much help is needed here, that it is quite easy to contribute with the knowledge/skills you have. The management has numerous projects in which you can participate. Please send us your resume and a letter of motivacion explaining your area of interest and knowledge, and the management will look for a suitable project. Also you can suggest a project yourself, which we will present to the management.

Some ideas of what is possible:
·         Cage enrichment, to improve the quality of life of the animal living in the cages
·         Improving feeding methods, for example make the monkeys work to get their food instead of offering it in a bowl
·         Developing informative signs about the animals for the public

Guidance: you will be supervised by one of the two directors who are veterinarians and you can always be accompanied by one of the 35 staffmembers.


Although many of the animals need much care, it is not a place to cuddle monkeys, jaguars or other animals. Maybe it is something you like to do, but it is no good for the animals, especially not if they will be set free. The zoo is easy to reach with public transportation; therefore you can live in the nice colonial town of Granada and travel up and down daily. You will get dirty. Bring clothes that are not too warm, but that also are strong and comfortable. No sexy clothes. During work you should wear rubber boots, long trousers (jeans), and a shirt (t-shirt or polo shirt). Nobody speaks English, so it is important that you speak at least basic Spanish. Respect and love for animals is of course a requisite!
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