VACANT:185 - Nutrition & Dietetics
Organisatie: Non-profit dagverblijf Regio: Quito , Ecuador
Internship organization
This non-profit daycare center was founded 10 years ago by three Dutch volunteers. They worked together at different daycare centers for a period of 3 months and they noticed the need for structural help in other areas of Quito.

Their daycare center focuses on helping the children of mainly single mothers, who have to work during the day at the local market or on the streets and would otherwise leave their young children alone at home or in the care of a relative.

The foundation provides a stimulating environment, healthy meals, healthcare and a safe place for more than 100 children in Quito, and approximately 30 children in the recently opened center in a small town north of Otavalo.

Besides offering a daycare solution at a very low cost, they also stimulate the mothers through workshops about nutrition, health, analfabetism, and more.
Activities for interns
Examples of activities:

As an intern you can contribute to this foundation by developing workshops for either parents or children, which can be re-used by the local staff. Previous interns have developped workshop for teenage mothers, about healthy and economical lunch solutions, and more.

You will be supervised at least once a week by a nutritionist of one of the biggest local hospitals in Quito.


Before starting your internship you must speak at least the basics of Spanish, so you can communicate with your internship supervisor and co-workers. You can achieve this by taking a Spanish course in Ecuador.

Please beware that this internship is very individual and requires an intern who is motivated, flexible, organized, proactive and persistent.
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