VACANT:169 - Tourism/ Business
Organisatie: delegation of ministry of tourism Regio: Granada, Nicaragua

Internship organization


INTUR, the Nicaraguan Institute for Tourism is an institute based on the ideas of the Christian model and socialist solidarity and is ran by officials who are dedicated to encouraging sustainable human development within the tourist sector of Nicaragua. They promote, coordinate and facilitate development of the touristic sector and are committed to the wellbeing of the Nicaraguan families.


INTUR tries to improve the development of the Nicaraguan tourist sector in a sustainable way. They also try to improve and strengthen Nicaragua as a touristic destination and try to encourage efficiency and effectiveness in policies, strategies, programs and projects, in complementarity and shared responsibility, to contribute to reducing poverty and improving the quality of life in Nicaragua.


The main functions of INTUR are;


A.      trying to launch Nicaragua into the national, regional and international market as an interesting destination for tourists, able to compete with other destinations.

B.      improving tourism in a responsible way that limits the increase of things such as drug use, sexual exploitation, human trafficking and other damaging phenomena that may occur within the poverty of Nicaragua.

C.      improving the quality of services by micro-, small- and medium sized businesses and making them able to compete in the market.

D.     showing the potential of Nicaragua’s stunning nature and beautiful culture.

E.      formulating and executing policies and strategies that make the Nicaraguan touristic sector more diverse by developing services and ‘products’ like hiking trials and excursions in association with national institutions, municipalities and businesses.

F.      enforcing the system of security for tourists and supporting implementation of new plans on the matter.

G.      looking for human talent to help improve the Nicaraguan tourist sector.

H.     taking care of the quality registration system for tourist companies and making sure these companies answer to laws and regulations.

I.        taking care of security, hygiene and health issues in the main tourist destinations in the country, in coordination with the appropriate authorities.

J.        promoting the right of the people in Nicaraguans to healthy recreation and spare time, with a focus on enforcing appreciation and pride in the national history, culture, traditions, manners and ideals and our unique identity.


Most of the strategic work is done at the main ministry in Managua. The delegations at the different parts of Nicaragua are more executive. They check is regulation is lived up to by the local companies and gather information the ministry is looking for. Also they realize many of the plans that the main ministry has made to develop tourism in the country.



Activities for interns

As an intern with INTUR you will:

  • learn a great amount about the Nicaraguan tourist sector and the rules and regulations surrounding this fairly new sector in the Nicaraguan economy.
  • help with promotion and public relations. Making sure INTUR’s events get more attention within the tourist sector. Finding out what different types of tourists think of Granada.
  • assist with the preparation, realization and evaluation of courses and workshops.
  • evaluate all of the current offers and give advice about them.
  • help with the inspections.  You will visit different companies to help check if they measure up to national rules and regulations. You’ll do research, you will evaluate and give advice about utility, efficiency and service.
  • gather statistics, analyse them, and make conclusions based on what you’ve found.
  • help organize tourist events and courses and classes for people working in the tourist business.
  • companies and what to change in order for them to meet with the national and local standards.

This way, you’ll be working closely with local people, which allows you to not only learn a lot about the activities within the ministry itself, but also about local culture, values, manners and ideals and how to work within the frames of their culture.




Your local supervisor will be the delegate herself.  By origin she is a lawyer, but since 2008 she has been the delegate for the ministry of tourism for the province of Granada.


If you have specific interests or need to do special assignments for your university, the delegate is welcoming this. Nobody at the ministry speaks English, so you will need to learn to speak Spanish.



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