VACANT:168 - Business/Economics, International Business, Finance
Organisatie: Microkredit Regio: San Jos�, Costa Rica
Internship organization

This international finance cooperative offers credit for development on a world wide level. Headquarters are based in Costa Rica and reaches out to Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

Mission: The organization believes that poor people can achieve a better quality of life if given a chance, if you give them credit. As a channel of responsible investment, they promote social justice. Their goal is to achieve a high social impact and sustainable development.

Activities for interns
Examples of activities:

1) Analyzing and giving feedback about project results to partners

2) Searching new areas or organizations which need support of capacity building funds

3) Analyzing and judging (new) capacity building requests

4) General support at running projects

5) Responsible for the implementation of the different tools to measure the social performance of the Honduran department´s loan portfolio (micro finances and productive sectors).


Higher education in social sciences, economy, history, international relations and business administration. The candidates should be familiar with evaluation projects, risk analysis, value chains, micro finance and sustainable development. And possess excellent writing and computer skills for investigation purpose. Medium level of Spanish and English, writing and speaking. Be able to make presentations and to review different data to make surveys. And the intern should know how to use Matrix risk monitoring (PVR) among the project partners of the organization.


Depending on what part of the microcredit bank you will work, a suitable internship supervisor will be appointed. Almost all employees have a relevant university degree and speak good English and fluent Spanish.


You will work five days a week from 8 to 5
Please contact after subscribing at our website.
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