VACANT:162 - Business/Economics, Tourism
Organisatie: Municipal Tourism Board Regio: Santo Domingo, Ecuador
Internship organization
This small, beautiful town is located in the tropical forest between the Andes and the Pacific coast, and it is looking for tourism opportunities. Currently the town’s income comes from agriculture, and products such as bananas and cacao. Due to its location (in the middle of the country), and a wide variety of natural resources, tourism could be a major source of income for the town and its population.

The mayor has recently started with the development of a Tourism Board within the town council, which is in charge of locating the tourist attractions in and surrounding the town, as well as developing a short- to mid-term plan for its development.
Activities for interns

You can make a significant contribution with identifying interesting options for foreign tourists in different price-ranges, and contribute especially to the marketing and promotion plan. The town also needs a plan of action to identify which basic infrastructure is necessary to promote tourism (e.g. English speaking guides, signalling, etc.).

Guidance and remarks

For this internship a medium level of Spanish is required, because nobody speaks English at the town council. Preferably tourism students, but they also accept students in the fields of marketing, communication, or web design.
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