VACANT:161 - Sport Management, IBMS, IBL
Organisatie: Sport en evenementen locatie Regio: Ticuantepe, Nicaragua
Internship organization

This association offers recreational facilities for its members. It was founded in 1965 by Spanish immigrants as a service to the Spanish- Nicaraguan community. Today the around 400-members are still mainly Nicaraguan/ European.

The facilities consist of: a big swimming pool, a soccer field, 3 tennis courts, a paddle court, a gym, a kids play area, table tennis and table football. Aside of these sports facilities they also offer a restaurant, a bar and facilities for events, such as birthday parties, family celebrations, business trainings and business celebrations.

Although the association is well known in Nicaragua, and the facilities are wanted, the association is in serious need of money. The members pay a monthly fee, which should cover all the costs of maintaining the place. They do not succeed in this anymore. Therefore recently the management team has been totally replaced and now there is a fresh, young and motivated team who wants to revive the place. Although there is a lack of money, they have many ideas and are open for suggestions.

Activities for trainees
Internship possibilities:

During your internship you can help or work (mostly) independently in matters, such as:
• Organizing sport events (two times a year they have a soccer-liga, but they would like to organize more sport events)
• Increase the usage of the facilities by the members
• Set up a marketing plan (there is none, nor are there PR activities) to get more members; actively recruit members by giving visibility to the place and its possibilities.
• Improve the presentation of the website as well as the content, and make it easier to find online.
• Improve the offer of the possibilities, most people do not know the possibilities and they are certainly not optimized. There are many possibilities, among others: swimming lessons, tennis lessons, soccer training, business events and family parties.

There are also many internal matters that the new management wants to work on, such as:
• Calculate new prices for their services based on cost price calculations
• Make job descriptions for the different employees (24 FTE)
• Make a control system for inventory and stock. Many things seem to 'disappear' but it is hard to prove without having an inventory. But this also needs to be done to be able to control costs.
• Improve the system for reservations and member-management

Guidance: the manager will be your internship supervisor and your internship will be at the management department which consists of three members (manager, manager assistant and the bookkeeper). You will have your own desk in the office and will get a free lunch every working day. Regular working hours are Monday- Friday from 8.00am - 5.00pm, but the weekends are most busy, so sometimes you will have to be there during the weekend as well.


No one from the management speaks English, so you have to manage yourself in Spanish. They require basic Spanish, which you can obtain through an intensive Spanish course in Nicaragua for 4 or 3 weeks and with hard studying. The place is easy to reach by public transportation and you can choose to live in Masaya (about 25 minutes door-to-door) or in Granada (about 45 minutes door-to-door).
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