VACANT:159 - Business/Economics, Tourism
Organisatie: Ecofarm with rural tourism Regio: Muy Muy, Matagalpa, Nicaragua
Description of internship organization

This eco-farm is a real nice example of rural tourism. The farm is focused on coffee and cacao, and aside of that the (Dutch) owners have just started a tourism part on the farm. They have built 3 cabins which are simple but clean and comfortable. The surroundings are very beautiful, and although it's not even that far away from the Nicaraguan cities, it's a real hide out. Here you can enjoy the true Nica-life and enjoy the beautiful nature with its birds, rivers and forests.

The rental of the cabins should contribute to the maintenance of the farm. The focus will be on middle calls national tourists, international backpackers and small groups (up to 15 persons). But because the cabins have just recently been finished, and because the owners live abroad, not much has been realized yet in the field of marketing. That is where you come in as an intern.

Internship possibilities

The owners want you to write and execute a marketing plan and/ or further develop for this tourist product. Examples of possibilities are:

• suggestions for improvements on the accommodations,
• suggestions and development of tourist packages like hikes, etc
• any other interesting activity that can be developed
• Improve the website with more information and try to get more relevant visitors
• Design (digital) leaflets or other promotional materials
• Organize promotional activities such as inviting tour operators and other relevant organizations
• Make sure this 'hotel' gets represented on the relevant tourist guides/ maps/ websites and with the national tour operators.

Locally you will be guided by a befriended gentleman with a degree in Tourism and you can also consult the Dutch owners by phone and e-mail and/ or meet them on forehand in the Netherlands.

You get offered free housing on the farm in one of the cabins. Food is available for a very low price, or you can cook for yourself. This place is really rural, and if you want to you can choose to divide your time between the nearby city of Matagalpa and the farm. The farm has electricity, but no access to internet. Internet is available at the nearby town (5 KM).

It is required to speak at least basic Spanish when you start your internship, which can be obtained by taking a 4 or 3 week course in Nicaragua. You must like to be on yourself or take a co-student/ partner with you.
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