VACANT:157 - Biologie / Wildlifemanagement / Natuur
Organisatie: Natuurreservaten Regio: Nicaragua, Nicaragua
Internship organization

This organization consists of a network of private owners of nature reserves in Nicaragua. It is a non-profit organization that tries to conserve the natural areas of Nicaragua in a sustainable way. This organization works hard to get their cooperation on a more professional level and tries to unite and improve the reserves by technical advice, financial advice, research, environmental education, eco-tourism and reforestation.

The reserves are spread all over Nicaragua and in many of the reserves lodging is possible. Therefore it makes a great opportunity for doing research in one of the reserves, or in a combination of reserves.
Activities for interns
Internship possibilities:

Research can be done on many fields, for example on:
1. Wildlife, such as: birds, amphibians, big cats, (howler) monkeys, kinkajous
2. Reforestation
3. Making an inventory of flora/ fauna


You need to be able to do the research independently; there will be no appropriate supervisors available. The organization can help with coordination and will offer lodging for a price much lower than the regular lodging price for tourists.

Please contact after subscribing at our website.
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