VACANT:150 - Fysiotherapie
Organisatie: Non-profit gezondheidscampagne Regio: Santo Domingo, Ecuador
Internship organization

In a region near the city of Santo Domingo, the local mayor started a campaign to help the aproximately 200 handicapped people in the area, by offering an individual help plan for each of the patients focused on enhancing their abilities or alleviating discomfort and pain. The project is run  by four local volunteers, who work as social workers. Each social worker visits approximately 25-30 patients a week. Distances are big as most patients live in remote rural areas. They are supported at the local health center by a licensed physiotherapist and other medical staff. Currently the project is applying for funds from the government in order to afford better transportation, so they can visit more patients.

Activities for trainees
Internship possibilities:

You will be assigned to one of the social workers and accompany her on her visits to her patients. Your supervisor will be the physiotherapist at the local health center, where you will be working and taking care of consultations.

Housing: your housing will be either at the house of the mayor or in a shared apartment in town.

Please take into account that all communication at the project will be in Spanish. You are able to start with a basic level and take an intensive course before the start of your project.

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