VACANT:149 - Business/Economics, Tourism
Organisatie: Tour Operator Regio: Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
Internship organization

This tour operator started in 2007, when two people with the same passion met. He is a native from the Galapagos Islands, and started working as a fisherman, but slowly shifted to guiding and operating tours for volunteers around the islands. She is from France and worked in tourism on the mainland of Ecuador for more than two years.

This is an island based company, which would like to promote the island hopping tours, day trips, diving courses, and surf camps. They specifically are not focussed on the regular island cruises. The problem with cruises is that they are mostly owned by foreign companies, and not even 10% of the amount paid stays on the islands. With island hopping, local services are employed (hotel, food, transport, guides, etc.) which benefits the local economy of the islands, because local people do not have to engage in other activities (e.g. shark fishing for the Japanese market) to obtain a decent income.

The target group of the tour operator mainly consists of volunteers who are at San Cristobal Island, and an upcoming target market are the travel agencies in Quito.
Activities for interns
Examples of possibilities:
·         Marketing and publicity: profiling the tour operator to attract national customers (travel agencies) and international travellers
·         Company profile: creating a business profile, and working out a consistent business plan about how to develop the tours for the coming years
Besides the project, you will help with the daily activities at the agency, for example: attending customers, administrative work, guiding tours, etc. How the internship activities will be proportioned depends on the internship requirements from your educational institution.
Guidance and remarks

You will be supervised by the French manager. Spanish is the language spoken at the office, but English is the main language spoken with the customers. You can take a Spanish course of 3 or 4 weeks through On-Stage to learn the basics of the Spanish language. Maximum stay at this internship is three months.
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