VACANT:143 - Business/Economics, Tourism
Organisatie: Eco Voluntourism Farm Regio: Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
Internship organization

This organization is a NGO, located in the highlands of the island San Cristobal at the magic Galapagos Islands. The Galapagos Islands are a province of Ecuador and one of the biggest tourist attractions. However, the big flow of tourism is effecting the islands. The organization has a hacienda of 50 hectares where they want to be an example of eco-volunteer tourism. At the hacienda a maximum of 21 volunteers can stay and contribute to the development of the municipality, reforestation of the logged areas, so the area of the tortoises (land turtles) will increase, and much more. Last year the organization won the National Geographic Eco Tourism Price.
The organization is looking for trainees who want to contribute to the expansion of the project to other forms of tourism, in order to create more sustainable sources of income for the local people rather than deforesting areas and using for livestock, to save the unique ecology of the islands.
Activities for trainees
Examples of possibilities:
·         Participating in the daily activities of the internship organization
·         Writing a communication plan of the developments at the hacienda
·         Setting up a tourism plan
·         Consulting various bodies of the islands and the islanders.
·         Establishing and maintaining social media and newsletters


During your internship you will be supervised by the manager of the hacienda, but also a high degree of independence is expected. Housing is offered by the hacienda, but meals are not included. There is a small shop on the island and you can use what grows on the farm. The language spoken at the hacienda is Spanish, but the manager and the majority of the volunteers speak English. It is not necessary to speak Spanish upon arrival in Ecuador, but you must be willing to learn Spanish and take a language course of several weeks in Quito prior your internship. The maximum time for this internship is 3 months.
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